Schaub will show respect for Cro Cop by taking his head off


“I think guys get so caught up in respecting Mirko so much they don’t approach him with a killer instinct. They don’t look for the finish. If you look at his last few fights he fought some tough guys, Frank Mir and Pat Barry, but they go out there and show him too much respect,” explained Brendan Schaub.

“I respect the guy just as much as those guys do if not more. It was the same with Gonazaga. I respect these guys so much that I give them the best fight I can on the night. That’s my way of showing respect to these guys - I go in there and try and take their heads off. I put the pressure on them."

“There’s going to be no high-fiving. There’s going to be no hugging. I can tell you that.”

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soldierdad5417 site profile image  

1/22/11 6:37 PM by soldierdad5417

 I was days away from my second deployment as my 8 month pregnant wife slept next to me on the couch as the Gonzaga/Cro Cop fight started. Gonzaga landed that kick, I screamed holy shit, wife w/ my oldest in the womb ended up a crumpled mess like Cro Cop on the floor. Every time I see that highlight, I laugh my ass off and if the wife is near by and sees it I usually get slapped. Good Friggin Times!!!!

inf0 site profile image  

1/18/11 2:24 PM by inf0


DoomFarmer site profile image  

1/18/11 2:19 PM by DoomFarmer

There is no way CC wins this fight.Expect him to backpedal, push off, throw a straight left that misses ad nauseum...the he will get TKO'd.Harsh reality.

isolabella site profile image  

1/18/11 2:11 PM by isolabella

Brendan by quick ko

Radio Raheem site profile image  

1/18/11 1:28 PM by Radio Raheem

My god I hope CroCop has one more win left in him. Wanna see Schaub get KTFO again

Jefe de Jefes site profile image  

1/18/11 1:22 PM by Jefe de Jefes

I'm tired of screaming for the LHK. I've gone hoarse from screaming for it seconds before Gonzaga answered the call first.nonetheless...I'll be at it again.

soldierdad5417 site profile image  

1/18/11 1:03 PM by soldierdad5417

 That's what I was thinking, nothing against Brandon, but I'll be screaming for the headkick from Cro Cop.

Floppy Divac site profile image  

1/18/11 12:56 PM by Floppy Divac

 Mirko is going to fuck him up son.

JeffersonDArcyChoke site profile image  

1/18/11 12:50 PM by JeffersonDArcyChoke

I hate the high five and hug followed by Goldberg and Rogan exploding like that made the fight so much better. Holy shit they hugged!!!! This is fun!!!!! This is why our sport is best blah blah blah. No. Give ms Steelers-Ravens ANY DAY over two fighters hugging during a fight or high fiving. Don't you want to kick his ass? If not go spar and don't make me pay 50 bucks to watch it.

BUFFGEO site profile image  

1/18/11 11:49 AM by BUFFGEO

Schaub is correct. The is nothing gayer and I hate more then 2 guys displaying there shitty rock em sock em robots style of striking and high 5'ing each other every 2 min like theyre actually doing something interesting!CC And Schuab are above this and need to just throw down!