Big Nog: I always wanted to fight Brock Lesnar


GA: Would you like to fight Brock Lesnar? How this confrontation would be like?

AN: For sure. Cigano will fight Brock Lesnar now, but he’s a guy I’ve always wanted to confront and it’d be a great fight. I enjoy fighting big guys, I think it forces me to use my speed and my guard... I’ll be better of my injuries, that were disturbing me from doing my guard, and I’ll be 100%. I’ve always been interested on fighting bigger guys.

Glaucia Arakaki: How are your injuries?

Antonio Nogueira:I’m doing my third surgery within a month. There were three injuries that I had: my knee, my right hip and my left hip. I have these injuries for eight year, but about three years ago it started blocking me of training hard. I handled it, but I couldn’t do my last fight and really, if you can’t train 100%, you won’t do a good fight. I did these surgeries on the right time and I’m treating myself with the greatest hip doctor of the world, the guy guarantees I’ll be 100% for the second semester.

GA: So, you want to fight again on the second semester of this year?

AN: I want to fight on the second semester. If I can fight on UFC Rio it’ll be perfect, but if not I’m sure that in September I’ll be prepared to fight.

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Juzz site profile image  

1/19/11 8:35 PM by Juzz

Lol Brock is rubbish he only got Mir down in the 2nd fight because of a mistake, Noguera by any way he wants...  out striking to a decision or sub/gnp on the ground.

Dashooter911 site profile image  

1/19/11 2:28 PM by Dashooter911

Blue namer please post

rockwell site profile image  

1/19/11 2:11 PM by rockwell

Speed is not the word you should be using.Nog has lost his SHARPNESS. What you saw in the Kharitonov fight was his sharpness, his reflexes in close quarters and the movements in anticipating and evading shots instinctually.He used to be a LOT sharper. Likely his loss of sharpness has come from his hip troubles as it's hard to twist the torso through the angles if the hips aren't performing right. If you doubt me try some bob and weave while trying not to move you hips.

Non N00B site profile image  

1/19/11 1:54 PM by Non N00B

He was never a speed demon per say, but he was much quicker than he is now. Yes, his chin being gone has certainly done him in as well.

N5Z site profile image  

1/19/11 12:14 PM by N5Z

 Fuck that.  He may win or he may lose but no way does Nog get smashed in half-guard like Mir did.  Brock tko's Mir and Couture after flattening them out.  I dont remember him landing anything significant from the top on Herring(he rode and dominated him for 3 rounds but I dont remember heavy GnP) because he(Herring) stayed active.  No way does Nog get neutralized and flattened out on the ground.  No f*cking way. For the record if this goes down I got Nog by sub.

herculestex1 site profile image  

1/19/11 8:20 AM by herculestex1

this was all but the worst name to call somebody a "zuffa shill" is loosing it's effectiveness. the shill rhetoric has to stop. your ignorance is showing.

BLACKBUDDAH site profile image  

1/19/11 8:08 AM by BLACKBUDDAH

Way to make your feelings known after Lesnars already comittedd to JDS.

holyfield site profile image  

1/19/11 8:00 AM by holyfield

Nog is damaged goods but he could still pull off a good run if he focused solely on takedowns or pulling guard. HWs these days might be younger, stronger, more athletic, have better striking and wrestling, but I think most big guys still suck on the ground.

Darth BLAF site profile image  

1/19/11 7:30 AM by Darth BLAF

Can you read you fucking, douche? I said HIS FUCKING CHIN WAS GONE. That's what is meant by he's no longer near the top because he can longer block punches with his face until his opponents gas or make a mistake. That would obviously make him NOT the same fighter he was years ago you asshole. And his chin isn't coming back. He can't have a fucking surgery to repair it and the brain that is permenantly rattling around inside his skull now. And LMFAO at using a fight with and an opponent like Sergei Kharitonov as an example to demonstrate Nogueira's past "blazing speed". Sergei moves slow and flatfooted and like a fucking robot too, lmfao. Whooooo.....rock'em sockem robot vs. zombie...get the fuckin' lotion.

brotha lynch hung site profile image  

1/19/11 5:40 AM by brotha lynch hung

read between the lines. Darth blaf is a known zuffa shill, demonstrated thread after tread. He is insinuating that nog is the same fighter that he was back in 2004 and that the only reason he hasnt done so well in the ufc is because the competition is much better. Yes, let forget the fact when he came into the ufc in his first fight he was (practically) knocked out with a headkick by heath herring, a guy he dominated twice when he was a younger, less accumulative beaten, superior fighter. No one gets old, beatings do not add up ... right