Kimbo Slice quits boxing, reportedly set for pro wrestling tournament

by Ariel Helwani | source:

Slice said in August that he would pursue a boxing career. He never actually competed in a boxing match.

The Inoki Genome Federation pro wrestling organization announced on Tuesday that Slice will take part in its 8-man tournament on February 5th in Fukuoka, Japan, against former Sumo wrestler Shinichi "Wakakirin" Suzukawa. If you recall, "Wakakirin" was supposed to face Bob Sapp at Dynamite!! 2010 until Sapp pulled out on fight night due to undisclosed reasons. Josh Barnett will also reportedly compete in the tournament.

Shaw said he hasn't talked to Slice since October. He was surprised to hear of Slice's new gig, but added, "I think Kimbo Slice's days as a fighter are close to an end."

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leifdawg site profile image  

1/20/11 3:28 PM by leifdawg

This is complete and utter BS, the typical wrestler sustains a lot more daily wear and tear than the average MMA fighter.However, in the case of Kimbo his ailments and lack of in-ring ability can be "hidden" by using various techniques. In a major promotion like WWE or even TNA he can spend the first year of his career never having a real match. He can take on an enforcer/bodyguard type role and only do run ins or squash matches. And even after his invincibility is inevitable shattered, he can be carried in his matches by a more experienced worker. That will take most of the bumps for him.

Evilzpet site profile image  

1/20/11 3:15 PM by Evilzpet

Dsaint do you happen to have a UG top ten poster list that I could subscribe to? (lb for lb, of course)

xeducatex site profile image  

1/20/11 2:43 AM by xeducatex

Oh and jensapw: most of the big time wrestler u know and love took up the sport after getting serious knee injuries in their respective sports. Not all are knee injuries but back neck and shoulder injuries too. Although the life of a wrestler is tough it's not quite as strenuous as 3-4 months of training 2 a days everyday till fight night then fighting. It's mostly weights for looks a bit of cardio forthe long matches which aren't often and the ability to take a lickin..... Along with a bit of coordination and athletisism

xeducatex site profile image  

1/20/11 2:39 AM by xeducatex

It's a natural transition. He is up there in age and can't keep up elite training for forever. Not that his training was elite but he was competeing in promotions with elite comp. I always wondered when he would go into it and I look forward to seeig what he can do. I see a wrestlemania in his future

Evilzpet site profile image  

1/20/11 1:56 AM by Evilzpet

Wow Carl you have been hereby dubbed a TOP TEN POSTER by the legendary DSaint of '09! Do I hear a fap fap fap?

jensapw site profile image  

1/19/11 12:36 PM by jensapw

Don't see how he is going to be able to train for wrestling with his knees fucked any better than he can for boxing.

Blazing Knees site profile image  

1/19/11 11:00 AM by Blazing Knees

 Now, that's more like it!

Bobby Lupo site profile image  

1/19/11 9:28 AM by Bobby Lupo

 Kimbo would do well in TNA, better than boxing for him IMO. He's a star and needs a platform to shine

DSaint site profile image  

1/19/11 7:19 AM by DSaint

 Carl,  with this post you have just proven yourself to be a top 10 poster in my eyes. Congrats on having a brain, that is very rare here.

UnderTheClock site profile image  

1/18/11 6:06 PM by UnderTheClock

Carl, good career rundown.  There is also some significant opinion that Shamrock's last or penultimate PWFG match was a shoot.