Former TapouT employee sues for being forced to watch UFC

by Dennis Romero | source:

Michelle Thomas, a 32-year-old ometime model who worked for the mixed-martial-arts clothing and lifestyle company TapouT says in a lawsuit that her bosses actually made her watch television on her own time..

... Thomas claims that the company required workers to watch its eponymous reality show on Versus as well as Ultimate Fighting Championship bouts on Pay Per View on their own time -- and on their own dime.

The woman from San Pedro worked at the company for eight months in sales and filed her wrongful termination suit in 2008, but it's just now being heard before a jury this week.

"We'd also be tested on these shows,'' Thomas testified. "I'd be verbally yelled at if I didn't watch them.''

The meat of her suit alleges overtime pay that was denied as well as unpaid commission. She said she got a base salary of $30,000 but was "promised $70,000 a year."

(We're guessing that's contingent on actually making sales).

Thomas said she was fired after complaining about her long work hours. Of course, there's another side to this coin.

TapouT attorney Gail F. Montgomery says Thomas was filed for insubordination and yelling in the office.

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JerseyJoeJitsu site profile image  

1/22/11 5:57 PM by JerseyJoeJitsu

 I'd love to hear your take on Mask's estate fiasco and the sale of Tapout skrape.

Ensanity site profile image  

1/22/11 2:28 PM by Ensanity


the_decimator site profile image  

1/22/11 1:52 PM by the_decimator

You know what's hilarious? A fighter was wearing this at FFTT weigh-ins yesterday.. Can't remember which but I read this thread early yesterday and watch the recorded weigh-ins today and busted out laughing when I saw this apparel. Too fucking funny.

Nomak site profile image  

1/21/11 8:08 PM by Nomak

 lemme give you an example of how tapout always mess up somewhere.... On the website I actually noticed this nice shirt. It's simple and the logo looks cool on the right shoulder.    I was almost going to buy it online when I noticed the back.... This was the only half decent shirt IMO and they had to mess it up with that 'B3LI3VE' BS. sometimes less is more. And don't get me started on their itchy rash guards. That is just torture. I do not think there is a fighter or human being in the world who can bear wearing them.  

RickMartelsArrogance site profile image  

1/21/11 7:16 PM by RickMartelsArrogance

Re: parrot feather + weasel heads (skulls??) Can we possibly add a faded flag with lots of scripture to the background???   This will finally land us the account with Macy's!

rbl site profile image  

1/21/11 7:13 PM by rbl

The emails are flying around the Tapout offices right now. "parrot feather + weasel heads (skulls??) motif for summer range THIS COULD BE HUGE PEOPLE" "re: parrot feather + weasel heads: concerned not enough skulls?" "re: parrot feather + weasel heads: + pitbull? (skeleton pitbull?) or dragon? (skeleton dragon??) "re: parrot feather: add crow in a hat + scary trees too get your best people on it...  PLENTY OF GOLD FOIL" "final draft: parrot feathers, weasel heads, skeleton dragon with pitbull head, hat crow, scary trees, gold, big cross, flames (tasteful)"

Alumynabjj site profile image  

1/21/11 4:43 PM by Alumynabjj

You shouldnt really be so bitchy considering below. Besides, everyone credits Mask for tapout, your name/character is never brought up.

JerseyJoeJitsu site profile image  

1/21/11 12:19 PM by JerseyJoeJitsu

 Bro just admit it, your shirts fucking suck and you know it. You're just in it for the money.  I'd rather wear parrot feathers with weasel heads on my jacket than wear one of your ugly ass shirts. 

Archer0545 site profile image  

1/21/11 8:04 AM by Archer0545

Ever consider calling their customer service dept. with this info or did you just want to bitch and whine?  

noshame site profile image  

1/21/11 8:01 AM by noshame

Absolutely. And it may well have been covered in her salary. Imagine this: I hire your for a base salary of $35K with the knowledge that you are also eligible for commissions. One of your responsibilities as my employee is to stay smart on the industry and my product and I tell you that to do so, you must watch "X" shows.If you take the job, it's your responsibility to pay for it.