JDS: Brock TUF beefs will be settled in Octagon

source: graciemag.com

“I’m nervous!" Junior 'Cigano'* dos Santos told GRACIEMAG.com. "My manager called me, said he wanted to put me in the UFC house, and I told him about the language problem. He replied: ‘If they’re not worried about it, why would you be?’ That made me more confident and I agreed to it."

“Rodrigo (Minotauro Nogueira) did the show with Frank Mir and told me it’s a good thing to do, that there my life will be divided into pre-TUF and pro-TUF, that that will be clear in my life. I was really stoked!”

“It’s the fight that came about to prove, once and for all, that I deserve a shot at the belt. I have to be calm, prudent, and fight him (Brock) intelligently. I have to keep on my toes not to let myself fall into his game."

As is the rule on the reality show, there should be plenty of provocation. “I feel that’s part of it and I’ll even like it. If I understand what he says, I may even have a comeback for him! Truth is, whatever happens in the house will be settled in the octagon, that’s for sure!"

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*Cigano means Gypsy in English

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Recent Comments »

crazydave site profile image  

1/20/11 3:09 PM by crazydave

Brock will be a far favorite after the season of tuf.

sparkyman site profile image  

1/20/11 2:20 PM by sparkyman

All of the trash talk from that fight (form both sides) was purely for the hype. Both were pretty respectful but were asked to sell the fight I think.  

BrockbackMountain site profile image  

1/20/11 1:17 PM by BrockbackMountain

He only acts like a "shitbag" when people start talking shit about him first.

supersaiyan site profile image  

1/20/11 12:00 PM by supersaiyan

Brock talked some silly crap first vs Cain --we saw what happened in the ring...

RIPLEY site profile image  

1/20/11 11:56 AM by RIPLEY

"He only acts like a shitbag when he fights a non-wrestler."So Brock started shit with Herring and Mir? My recollection was that the two of them (the only non-wrestlers Lesnar has fought in the UFC), basically started the whole trash talk thing until they were forced to eat shit in the ring.

Clipsburgh site profile image  

1/20/11 11:55 AM by Clipsburgh

I'm betting 5 bucks Brock ends up breaking down at least 1 door this season.

PatrickFreitas site profile image  

1/20/11 11:54 AM by PatrickFreitas

will be one-sided shit-talking this season. JDS wont participate. not great for ratings.ratings wouldve been better with Nelson or even Mir opposed Brock as coach.

Gert B Frobe site profile image  

1/20/11 11:50 AM by Gert B Frobe

I gotta think there won't be as much trash talk as in past seasons. JDS barely speaks english and Brock only really talks about someone if he's provoked. Other than that he seems pretty content keeping to himself. Should be interesting either way

Dr Violence site profile image  

1/20/11 11:35 AM by Dr Violence

I'm curious to see which Brock comes out. He only acts like a shitbag when he fights a non-wrestler. And he usually beats them. But maybe this time the shitbag will get punched. And shit will come out.

X_Rated site profile image  

1/20/11 11:24 AM by X_Rated

 Personally I would love it if the focus would not be so much on normative reality tv entertainment, but really rather on the technical aspect of MMA. I'd love to actually be able to learn a thing or two or get a new/different perspective on certain techniques. I don't have a wrestling base or much experience with wrestling at all, so most of Brock's coaching will go over my head, but I would freakin' love to see Nog go at it.