Gilbert Melendez: I am the guy to beat


MA: What is your predication between Nick Diaz vs. Evangelista “Cyborg” Santos on Jan 29th Strikeforce card?

My prediction is Nick Diaz by stand up or jiu-jitsu. He is better all around. They both don’t like to wrestle or do takedowns. Nick by whatever the heck he wants. I see it not going past three rounds. I think he is going finish him. I definitely don’t think it’s going to go five rounds.

MA: At what point has the sport of MMA become the business of MMA for you?

Well, I have reached my goals and I say about now. Now more than ever, it’s been the business for me. At a time I was number two in the world or top five in the world, number one at 145 in 2006.

In 2007, I lost a couple of fights and I had to sit back and make a decision… “Is this going to be my career or something I just did for the heck of it?” After my second loss, I decided to make it my career. It’s been my career since then. I would say since my last fight I beat the number two guy; I am top ten again and in the pound for pound list. From here on out I just want big fights and I want to get paid. Its business now I have reached my goals. I want to stay on top.

MA: You have expressed that you feel you have cleaned out your division. How do you deal with your loyalty to Strikeforce and your desire to fight the best?

I tell you what. I think I already fought the best. And some of the best in the UFC, it’s not like those guys are anything special or more special than the guys I have already beat. It just happens they’re in the UFC which is a popular organization.

To be honest, these guys need to come fight me. Who are they to say I should go there. I have been in the sport longer than any of these guys: than Frankie Edgar…Gray Maynard. I won in Japan against fifty thousand people booing me. I have traveled; these guys have never fought internationally. I have put myself in the shittiest positions ever. For me to say I should go there and fight them? I am done with that. Those guys need to come over here and fight me. They need to fight me … period! I am the guy to beat. They’re not the guys to beat. It just so happens they are under the UFC banner, so they get a little bit more love because of that.

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Herring In A Fur Coat site profile image  

2/9/11 4:48 PM by Herring In A Fur Coat

  brotha 'aint no bitch' hung, do YOU ever get tired of trolling?

dking site profile image  

2/9/11 4:44 PM by dking

I'd love to see UFC & Strikeforce super fights

EvilEye site profile image  

2/9/11 4:34 PM by EvilEye

Haven't we decided that winning in Japan doesn't mean shit? I thought we already knew this. I don't know why Gil is acting like it counts for much.

Storkukidinmun site profile image  

2/9/11 4:30 PM by Storkukidinmun

Nick Diaz is better than St. Pierre?

the_decimator site profile image  

2/9/11 3:44 PM by the_decimator

Gil hasn't faced the same level of competition as is in the UFC's Lightweight division. True story. Until then, let poor Gil dream..

Haulport site profile image  

2/7/11 3:11 PM by Haulport

stfu and stfd dude...................seroiusly....

orcus site profile image  

2/7/11 2:37 PM by orcus

JZ has lost 3 of his last 4, Josh has lost to Gil and just got dominated by Kawajiri, Kawajiri recently got humiliated by Aoki whom Gil destroyed, Fancy Pants has yet to be shown on Strikeforce...which of these guys do you think is the next "BIG" challenge for him over there and the guy Strikeforce is rushing to promote as the next challenger? Then on top of that you're throwing out names of every single guy not in the UFC.Meanwhile in the UFC you have undefeated Maynard, champ Edgar, Pettis, Henderson, Florian, Sherk, Dunham, maybe BJ, and always new guys coming up.The whole conversation is absurd because Gil himself said BJ was #1 not too long ago. And even AFTER beating Aoki -- Gil's last fight -- he said only that he himself was "top 5". THEN he said GSP, Edgar, and Penn were "dream opponents". Last AUGUST -- months after beating Aoki -- he said he was #3, with BJ and Edgar above him. He said "it's going to be hard, I have a lot to prove, because I can't fight BJ and Edgar". (, having not fought since then, suddenly he re-signs with SF, suddenly he is #1, and suddenly everyone has to come fight him? Funny how that works.

McBottery site profile image  

2/7/11 2:16 PM by McBottery

Guy is delusional.

fiercedragon site profile image  

2/7/11 2:09 PM by fiercedragon

hell pettis,henderson,and varner might beat gil...  

keylockarmbar site profile image  

2/7/11 1:54 PM by keylockarmbar

gil is a top notch guy but in no way is he even in the position to say hes the man to beat. penn was the man before anyof the fighters mentioned and edgar beat him 10 rounds to none so to say gil submits edgar is laughable. also with pettis, henderson, maynard, penn, tyson, guida, sherk, dunham, guillard, florian, and sots in the weightclass just in the ufc, hes the one who needs to move to prove himself as id rank a few of those guys ahead of him.i think penn in shape beats himi think edgar beats himi think maynard lays on himi see sherk being a stronger version of melendez. there are a lot of tough fights out there for him and nobody is gonna leave the ufc to come look for gilbert fucking melendez. get real.