Control of Mask's estate at issue


Charles “Mask” Lewis Jr didn't leave a will, but he did leave behind two children – the only heirs to a multimillion-dollar estate that included the largest share in mixed martial arts clothier TapouT, a stable of customized European sports cars and an assortment of luxury Swiss watches.

Orange County Public Administrator/Public Guardian John S. Williams moved quickly to take control of Lewis' fortune, which he initially valued at up to $15 million, arguing that he was better suited to handle the “large, complex estate” than Diane Larson, the mother of Lewis' children. Orange County Probate Court Judge Gerald G. Johnston agreed in May 2009, turning the estate over to Williams.

“The Public Administrator is forcing itself into this Estate where it is neither needed nor wanted,” Adam Streltzer, an attorney for Larson, complained in court filings.

Eleven months later, the 4th District Court of Appeal would agree, accusing Williams of overreaching his authority and chastising Johnston for abusing his discretion. The estate was eventually handed back to Larson.

But by then, it was too late. The public administrator had already agreed to sell TapouT at a price other shareholders would later call “pennies on the dollar.” It sold Lewis' Bentley and Mercedes-Benz for $58,000 less than their appraised values, and paid $45,000 to Lewis' former business partners for funeral expenses they promised to provide for free, court records and interviews show.

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1/22/11 6:56 PM by mr nemo

If indeed Warren Buffet bought the company I was told that often when he takes over a company/business that's doing well he usually leaves people in place and lets things keep going like they were,doesn't interfere with something that's working- just something I was told. I also was wondering how Punkass and Skyscrape stayed at their positions after the sale,that would explain it. Great story Dougie, Charles really did seem like a special person,touched a lot of lives.

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1/22/11 5:55 PM by CRE

Thanks for sharing that story, that's beautiful.

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1/22/11 4:33 PM by Monsters Ball

Thanks for sharing your story Dougie. One thing I have come to realize since Mask passed on. That dude was a really special person and I'm sorry that I missed a chance to know him for real.

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1/22/11 4:19 PM by smoogy

 LOL holy shit, almost forgot about that

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Most people reading this thread will have no idea what you're talking about but that date rape cockroach ad is a major reason why I have NEVER bought any Tapout merchandise.

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1/22/11 1:20 PM by Dougie

Never done drugs. I'm all natural!  

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I said "baked" and meant it literally dougie get your coded drug talk off this thread

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1/22/11 1:08 PM by Dougie

First time in Las Vegas. Coming from Canada I had no idea how hot and dry it was. I had been out in the sun all day. No lie, I came home buuuurned out for a week!