Coach: Brock is weak where JDS is strong: striking

by Guilherme Cruz | source: interviews Luis Carlos Dórea, boxing coach of former boxing world champion Arcelino “Popó” Freitas and MMA heavyweight sensation Junior “Cigano“ dos Santos.

Tatame: How did you get Cigano’s news about TUF? What are your expectations?

Luis Carlos Dórea: It’ll be pretty nice. We have done an entire work for a title fight, but Cain Velasquez got hurt. These things happen on a sport, it just happens. I agree with this only-fight-if-you’re-100% thing, you can’t enter the octagon if you’re not 100%. I’m on the fight’s world for 31 years and I know it happens.

Cigano was a little upset, his last fight was in August and he wanted to fight, but I happened God knows what he does, and a great thing has come to us: joining the reality show’s cast, to be able to teach what we know, and then fight Brock Lesnar, a really respected former champion. He’ll always be trained, but he’ll always want to learn more. The expectations are the greatest. He went for the United States today, but I’m here to help Anderson Silva, and after his fight with Vitor, I’ll go there.

Tatame: And how do you see this bout between Cigano and Lesnar?

LCD: It’ll be a great fight. Brock Lesnar is strong, but we know where he hides his weakness.  Cigano has always faced the bests, since he debuted against Werdum, he has only confronted top athletes. I trust he’ll keep trying to get the KO. Brock is very strong, a wrestler, but we know his weakness. His weak point is exactly CIgano’s strong point: striking. We know it’ll be a great show, Cigano will go for the knockout and he has all weapons to get there with a win and keep his journey to the belt.

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360 guy site profile image  

1/22/11 10:48 PM by 360 guy

Breaking news.......This just in, Brock dies not like being hit in the face.

elgringo site profile image  

1/22/11 7:59 PM by elgringo

Ids say Cain is still a better grappler than he is a striker.


1/22/11 7:24 PM by K-Dub-"T"

Yeah nothing to do with the fact that Cain has been training KICKBOXING at the AMERICAN KICKBOXING ACADEMY....... and is the hardest puncher in MMA....  

Trainedwreck site profile image  

1/22/11 7:05 PM by Trainedwreck

If Cain had no striking he wouldnt have sent Lesnar DIsco Dancing into the night.

shogungriffin site profile image  

1/22/11 7:03 PM by shogungriffin

Cain only defended the TD because of his wrestling.Wrestling >>>> Striking

Trainedwreck site profile image  

1/22/11 7:00 PM by Trainedwreck

But when Cain got back upStriking >>>>> Wrestling

Lee Conway site profile image  

1/22/11 6:36 PM by Lee Conway

Yes but if Brock takes him down, JDS is in big trouble.

10er site profile image  

1/22/11 6:29 PM by 10er

^ there's no doubt Brock deserves respect, fans are fickle. Brock's just suffering from a backlash to his hype.

BLACKBUDDAH site profile image  

1/22/11 1:52 PM by BLACKBUDDAH

Damn why the hate on Brock you guys act as if he smashed your chick while you were at work. The guy has proven he is a fighter but thats not enough for you guys. What else does he need to do to get respect, go out and beat a legend..he did that or win a title...he did that or should Brock come from behind and win a fight..he did that. Brock has won a World title with little experience and if that makes him a bad fighter what does that make the fighter he beat?. He lost to Cain Velasquez and was clearly outmatched but what does he do after the lost he agrees to fight the number one contender. BROCK DESERVES RESPECT.

shogungriffin site profile image  

1/22/11 1:46 PM by shogungriffin

Brock is strong where JDS is weakwrestlingwrestling >>>> strikingBrock >>>> JDSend