Vitor Belfort responds to Shawn Tompkins


Coach Shawn Tompkins recently responded to Vitor Belfort leaving his gym, questioning his loyalty.

Now Vitor responds via twitter:

I dont think I have anything nice to say other than just ignoring it all. I have the right to choose who to train with. I have loyalty and respect and that is why I spoke in front of him. He tooks this more personally.

What he said does not reflect the truth because he is not well informed. Mike Tyson has never trained me.

I made my own choices and he was allowed to speak the truth and nothing more than that.

Read entire twitter... (orginal Portuguese)

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Dougie site profile image  

1/25/11 5:47 PM by Dougie

 1) Tompkins was asked a question and he answered. He didn't go out looking to say anything. He was damn diplomatic about it too. 2) Vitor is either awesome out of the gate or he folds if he doesn't get his game off in the first two minutes. See Couture and Sakuraba.

Oldboy site profile image  

1/25/11 5:39 PM by Oldboy

Seriously. Grown ass men getting their panties in a bunch because a guy won't train at only one place. Why working with multiple camps is frowned upon by some I'll never understand. Who wouldn't want to diversify their training and get the best exposure they can before a fight?People can say all they want but in the end you are the one who has to get into the ring, so fuck what they think.

Zaromskis site profile image  

1/25/11 4:12 PM by Zaromskis


stlnl2 site profile image  

1/25/11 4:10 PM by stlnl2

His teacher was the one to say he promoted early. Alot of folks cared at the time, but it means nada regarding Vitor today. Shawn, left Randy's gym, and took fighters. I didnt see Randy doing interviews and crying, did you?

hellride site profile image  

1/25/11 2:41 PM by hellride

I thought vitor had split with tompkins back when he still thought he was fighting okami...

KevinMcAllister site profile image  

1/25/11 2:35 PM by KevinMcAllister

who cares about vitors blackbelt cred.there is no set guidelines as to awarding somebody a bb.its all in the eyes of the teacher.anywaysshawns a good trainer. personally, if i was a trainer and my guy left me before a title fight, id be bitter. cant lie.but also, vitor has every right to decide whos coaching him. he has no real obligation to shawn if he feels hes not getting the help he needs.this is all nonsense

Moofmonster site profile image  

1/25/11 1:37 PM by Moofmonster

There are a ton of guys who were expelled from his gym after Carlson moved out to the states and was still getting a take on their fight purses. Thats how BTT came to be.

AlphaSlap site profile image  

1/25/11 1:35 PM by AlphaSlap

Hmmmm...Mario Sperry and Busta don't get the shit that Vitor gets and they left Carlson too.

Moofmonster site profile image  

1/25/11 1:17 PM by Moofmonster

I don't get why Shawn Tompkins is throwing a hissy fit. He met Vitor at XC where he was the striking coach and later on splintered off to form his own team at the Tap Out Gym. Vitor kept on training at both gyms and now that he has decided to stay at XC he's disloyal?Sounds like sour grapes.

RIPLEY site profile image  

1/25/11 10:39 AM by RIPLEY

He's never won a professional fight so who gives a shit what he says.