Jon Jones to Aaron Simpson: Don't piss me off


Jon Jones:

I just got into a car accident, police said it wasn't my fault.. I walked away without a scratch, GOD IS GOOD


Aaron Simpson:

whew! Glad you weren't hurt.

Just want to make sure he is 100% going into it


Aaron Simpson:

I don't think Jon Jones has any idea what he is getting into with Bader. I hope he is up for it.


Urijah Faber

u may have that reversed?

Jon Jones:

Didn't you lose your last 2 fights? Please don't piss me off, I actually have respect for ryan

don't you have a fight scheduled? Focus on yourself instead of weather I'm ready or not? Are you familiar with the strike policy in baseball?

I should be thanking Aaron for the lil push

I'm going to practice what I preach and not allow this dude to disturbed my peace of mind.. good night yall


Aaron Simpson:

Angered some jones fans with my comment about Bader being ready to win. Hehehe

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eljamaiquino site profile image  

1/26/11 7:16 PM by eljamaiquino

Vladimir Matyushenko was IFL champ, which is pretty respectable. In fact before he lost to Jones, he was on something like a 12-1 run, losing to little Nog a few fights before that.Not to bash on Leben, but he had losses to kalib Starnes, Jason McDonald, Rosholt, and Bisping. I think Bisping is the only one still in the UFC. Sorry, Aaron Simpson is nowhere near Jones' level as far as MMA goes.

Ghan site profile image  

1/26/11 7:15 PM by Ghan

Request that poster receive lifetime ban for blatant racism.

crispy_greens site profile image  

1/26/11 6:51 PM by crispy_greens

il break it down for you noobs as to why bones is a "bad guy"1. Admits that hes a snitch2. leaves his keys in the car in the ghetto3. doesn't have insurance4. sais retarded shit like, "police said it's not my fault" sorta like, "but my mommy said.."5. is a delusional jesus freak that thinks jesus gives a rats ass about him winning or not getting injured.6. is now being a douche to Aaron Simpson.Hes not a bad guy hes just the most unstreetwise nigger on the planet who has his head up his ass.

Foad27 site profile image  

1/26/11 6:39 PM by Foad27

Whatever happened to A**holes? Cant people be A**holes anymore?You either have to be racist, sexist or a bigot in somekind of way? Some people are just A**holes to people of all colours, wether they have boobs or a wang and no matter what or who you pray to.

Foad27 site profile image  

1/26/11 6:31 PM by Foad27


jhtaq11 site profile image  

1/26/11 5:09 PM by jhtaq11

it's funny to me that you douches are jumping on JJ's back because he's insulting Aaron Simpson. Didn't you read the interview where he said he's spying on Ryan Bader? Well he's obviously focused on the mental game, and this is a way to get in Ryan Bader's head. Psychological warfare ladies - it's just business. It's funny how much smarter he is than the clowns on this forum. JJ works the mental game like a wily vet. Now watch Bader come into his fight running on pure anger, playing right into Jon Jones's hands.

BrandCarey site profile image  

1/26/11 4:18 PM by BrandCarey

<blockquote>biggator - "2. Aaron Simpson makes a backhanded remark about being glad he was not injured so he cannot claim any excuse for losing to his teammate.<br />3. After no response from Jones Simpson further antagonizes him saying he is under prepared."<br /><br />simpson was totally just big upping his training partner/teammate period. said nothing derogatory about jones. only that he thinks he is under prepared. not a personal jib at all. jones made it a personal back and fourth. it was petty on his part and his chosen attack was super dickish. what else do you not understand.<br /><br />the guy is trying to have it both ways. i see it in superchristians all the time. you cant be the bigger person and hurl insults at the same time. it doesnt work that way.<br /><br />There is only one rule to being a christian. love your neighbor as yourself. <br /><br />jones thinks otherwise.</blockquote><br /><br />There is a big difference between "big upping" your team mate and doing what Simpson did. <br /><br />If I want to promote my team mate there is no reason whatsoever to bring the other guys name into it. He both implies that Jones would seek an excuse were he to lose to Bader and also says he is under prepared. <br /><br />Beyond that why would you bring someone's car accident into anything to promote your team mate? That right there is incendiary and he was looking for a reaction off of that.<br /><br />As far as your Christian comments there are far more rules than Love your neighbor as yourself and the man's religion, while responsible for some of his values, has little to do with his reaction. <br />

fiercedragon site profile image  

1/26/11 2:57 PM by fiercedragon

 probably has something to do w/ jones' ...complexion...

superCalo site profile image  

1/26/11 2:52 PM by superCalo

Your dig at Christianity was unnecessary and probably untrue, why is it okay to do this kind of thing in this day and age, if you did it to a muslim they would declare a fatwa on you for these kind of comments, luckily for you Christians are very tolerent and accepting of others faults.