Herschel Walker: MMA safer than football

by Sergio Non | source: usatoday.com

The man who won a Heisman Trophy in college and ran for more than 13,000 yards in 15 years in professional football believes mixed martial arts is a safer endeavor.

"People shy away from it because they think it's a brutal, brutal sport, and I've said, 'Guys, MMA is safer than football and boxing,' " Walker said Monday during a conference call. "And people tell me they don't believe it. Am I not the most credible person to give you the answer to that? Because I played football."

Walker is scheduled to face Scott Carson on Saturday (10 p.m. ET, Showtime) for Strikeforce. It will be Walker's second MMA bout, nearly a year after his professional fighting debut.

MMA is safer than football because mixed martial arts allows tapouts and calls for referees can stop the action as soon as a fighter is too stunned to defend himself, Walker said.

"Football you have all the concussions, all the types of joint injuries," he said. "Whereas in MMA, if you get knocked out, the referee can stop it. Or you can tap out."

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Recent Comments »

RIPLEY site profile image  

1/26/11 10:23 AM by RIPLEY

He's right and it is undebatable.

stlnl2 site profile image  

1/26/11 10:20 AM by stlnl2

Make no mistake, everyone understands he makes money for the show by being featured on it due to his fame. Some folks feel it can harm the legitimacy of MMA, but MMA has a pretty long history of celeb appearances and freak show matches, so I dont think its harmful, I just dont care to see a guy develop on TV. TV is for good fights, I dont care who a guy is, I prefer to see two skilled fighters go at it. MMA is young enough though, and some fights are not that good between good guys though, so I live with it.

BrandCarey site profile image  

1/26/11 10:17 AM by BrandCarey

I agree with that in principle but this is Strikeforce we are talking about. They don't have the name recognition that UFC does and they have a showtime deal to validate and continue to make profitable for both parties. So in the end they need to get viewers and what better way then take someone famous and have him fight. Basically I like to think of it like this. A no name 0-0 fighter is fighting on the undercard everytime. But no matter where Herschel Walker or anyone with a decent name fought they would be featured in advertising and definitely are at the very least fighting on the main card. This isn't exclusive to MMA either. Anyone remember hearing about MJ playing minor league baseball? Can anyone other than a rabid baseball fan tell me another minor league player's name from that year without internet search?

JudOWNED site profile image  

1/26/11 10:00 AM by JudOWNED

lol at the MMA Fanboiz who are offended by this! Hey dumbasses, MMA being safe is a GOOD thing.

stlnl2 site profile image  

1/26/11 9:48 AM by stlnl2

He should be fighting guys on King of the Cage undercards. No one expects him to fight killers, but I dont know if folks want to pay to see him fight those same level guys on TV. Fame bends rules and sells tickets though.

bsrizpac site profile image  

1/26/11 9:35 AM by bsrizpac

MMA fangay insecurity.

BrandCarey site profile image  

1/26/11 9:30 AM by BrandCarey

Why does everyone have such a problem with Herschel? He is 1-0 and he is getting accused of being handed cans? Who exactly is a 1-0 fighter supposed to fight?

bsrizpac site profile image  

1/26/11 9:05 AM by bsrizpac

Walker is correct. LOL@butthurt MMA fanqueens getting upset.

bsrizpac site profile image  

1/26/11 9:04 AM by bsrizpac

This was covered in the NFL is tougher than MMA thread.Of course it is. Any sport where you "tap out" isn't that dangerous.

antoniomontana site profile image  

1/26/11 8:16 AM by antoniomontana

"ve been doing sanshou for the past 2 years or so..i know its not MMA...but ive had 1 broken nose. and many chrarlie horses. thats it."How many fights have you had? Two years, especially without fights is nothing. Herschell Walker has had 1 handpicked fight he couldn't lose. He is a baby in MMA. The long term damage of a MMA career are yet to be seen.How many people get KO'd in an average MMA event, that wouldn't even have enough people(number wise) to make up half a single NFL team compared with how many people get KO'd or badly hurt on an NFL Sunday/monday, that has 32 teams competing?Both sports are tough but very different. Do you think Brett Favre would be under more or less danger if he had the same amount of professional MMA fights that he has had football games?In MMA your intention is to hurt your opponent, but I would agree that the potential for freak accidents is greater in american football is greater, so maybe MMA is safer.