With lure of 'millions' Nick Diaz aims at boxing

by Franklin McNeil | source: sports.espn.go.com

"I just want to get paid. [Boxing champion Manny] Pacquiao's making $40 million. ... I'm over here driving a Honda because my s--- is breaking down."

Strikeforce officials haven't indicated a willingness to give Diaz any extra compensation to move up in weight. The champ, therefore, will likely turn his attention to boxing.

Diaz is itching to box, and although he recently re-signed with Strikeforce, according to his trainer, Cesar Gracie, the deal includes a clause that allows Diaz to compete in a boxing match this year.

Diaz is expected to exercise that clause. Facing a recognizable boxer could potentially land Diaz the largest paycheck of his career.

"In boxing, when you're a superstar, you get millions of dollars. In MMA, you're not making that kind of money.

"We're in negotiations right now with [boxing promoter] Don Chargin. We would very much like to take a boxing match. It would probably be at super middleweight [168 pounds].

"There have been a few names kicked around. One of them is Fernando Vargas; another is Ricardo Mayorga."

As eager as Diaz is to box, he isn't willing to openly discuss the matter until after he disposes of Santos.

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Recent Comments »

Lee Conway site profile image  

1/26/11 2:22 PM by Lee Conway

He doesn't have the right technique for boxing. Those wild looping hooks won't work in a sport based solely on punching.

crazygrimreaper site profile image  

1/26/11 2:00 PM by crazygrimreaper

 diaz would get ko'd quite handedly by any decent super middle.......

MrHenson site profile image  

1/26/11 1:49 PM by MrHenson

  mayorga and vargas would ruin that fools night if he wants to get into boxing, he bettter start at the bottom MMA boxing vs someone who has trained the science specifically, day in and day out, is a totally different animal. no way in hell diaz would be ready for even a lower level pro boxer

TeamRenzo site profile image  

1/26/11 12:50 PM by TeamRenzo

I wouldn't say he lit up Noons, I also wouldn't say he will do great in boxing. He may win a few fights but he wont be a serious contender.

Tru Technique site profile image  

1/26/11 12:10 PM by Tru Technique

I'm sure he doesn't really care if he wins as long as he gets good money. Which is a good thing since he will not be winning. IMO...

saerbarnet site profile image  

1/26/11 11:55 AM by saerbarnet

Why are you talking about UFC paychecks when Nick DIaz is in Strikeforce? And just signed a new deal with Strikeforce?

bsrizpac site profile image  

1/26/11 11:31 AM by bsrizpac

Exactly. I love the MMA toolbags that "train boxing" when in reality they sloppily hit the mitts at a BJJ school with a guy who isn't qualified to sniff a local smoker show "teaching" them.

RIPLEY site profile image  

1/26/11 10:41 AM by RIPLEY

"he'd be killed mma morons."Exactly right. He would have no chance in boxing so please stop with your retarded analyses. Most people claiming he would do well are martial arts tools who have never competed much less trained boxing outside of some pad work on MMA day at the local BJJ school (many of which are becoming mcdojos). Why doesn't he test his skills in the NFL? From what I hear it pays well.

rjhartman site profile image  

1/26/11 10:07 AM by rjhartman

I'm not a fan of either Diaz brother, but I completely understand Nick's frustration with how underpaid MMA fighters are. That said I'll pay the $50 to see Nick schooled in a boxing ring against the caliber of fighter he's named in the article. Either way, best of luck too him.

suBJJective warMTh site profile image  

1/26/11 4:34 AM by suBJJective warMTh

With his big promises and smack talk and then systematic ducking of people who call him out based on what he said he'll fit right in, in the boxing world.On the serious side however:1) he gets caught regularly2) he doesn't have one shot KO power (even in 4ozers)3) he cuts easily4) low hands and high chin5) losses are far more detrimental to your appeal in boxing6) he would need to be ranked higher in boxing than he is in MMA to make "millions"Good luck to him but he'll need more than high hopes and well wishers to switch over in his late 20s to a sport that prohibits him from using the most developed area of his skill set.