Reporter cites World of Warcraft as contributing to Pulver's decline

by Jonathan Snowden | source:

It's been a hard time for Pulver. His gym in Idaho struggled to get off the ground and his obsession with World of Warcraft, an online multiplayer video game, became something friends described as more of an addiction than a pleasure. They would describe seeing a Pulver who looked more like a ghost than a man, pale as the fallen snow, unable to pull himself from his computer."

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Jens Pulver plays World of Warcraft

Apparently he doesnt just "Play" WoW...he "PLAYS" WoW.Hes a grand marshall.For those that dont know he probably spent minimum 8 hours a day for many many months to reach that

Anyways alliance side on Burning Legion.His name is Lilevil

I play World Of Warcraft so maybe I'll message him later!

teh proof if you dont believe me:

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Nonlinear site profile image  

1/28/11 1:03 PM by Nonlinear

lol at CoD being "manly", what a childish attitude.

Jerkie site profile image  

1/28/11 1:00 PM by Jerkie

fuckin Alleyi have a Warlord title on my orc warrior

Imperialc00 site profile image  

1/28/11 12:55 PM by Imperialc00

Have you seen the way the Korean pro teams train for Starcraft? I'm not so sure they're escaping anything, it's pretty wild what they put themselves through.

Damasta Shonuff site profile image  

1/28/11 12:20 PM by Damasta Shonuff game the Korean's are hooked on is called Starcraft, its made by the same people that made the Warcraft line: Blizzard.Video games are no different than "hobbies" or sports that dominate people's time/lives. They all allow them to "escape" from the real world and its woes for a time.

RaginRedneck169 site profile image  

1/28/11 5:02 AM by RaginRedneck169

 A couple of things: 1) Fuck Snowden and his horrible fucking articles.  They are shit, he writes like shit, and his "sources" are shit.  There are plenty of respectful ways to write that article with the same sentiment, without disrespecting the legend that is Jens Pulver. 2) WoW is only slightly different than any other game.  I admittedly have a slight addiction to COD, but it will never effect my job, my friends, pussy, or the gym/training.  The main difference is that as a general rule I think because it is a fantasy type of game, the typical person it attracts is the geeks/weirdos from high school that need a Fantasy type game to escape real life. 3) WoW is basically Crack for geeks. 4) Anyone that allows ANY type of game to affect their life like some of the stories listed here, would likely let drugs/alcohol/any other addiction, fuck up their lives, WoW just happened to be the vice that destroyed them. TTT for Jens, I hope that he retires off of this win.

Bach Tulurking site profile image  

1/28/11 4:51 AM by Bach Tulurking

Interesting stories on

fedorsbelly site profile image  

1/28/11 2:38 AM by fedorsbelly

I Know a guy who was busted for trying to smuggle 5 kilos of WoW onto a flight from Brazil. Another guy i know was so addicted he ground up the game disk and snorted it. Mr T. = World's biggest Drugs Baron. When are they going to arrest this guy?

ender852 site profile image  

1/28/11 12:48 AM by ender852

there is a pretty simple solution... play games that have a fucking ending!! I quit playing wow because it was the same shit over and over again. Now I play games I can win and put away and am much happier.

Fade2Bolivian site profile image  

1/28/11 12:07 AM by Fade2Bolivian

World of WarCRACK IMO.  I predict that as games get better and even more complex and absorbing, addiction to them will become a serious issue all over the world, and game makers will eventually have to confront ethical issues concerning the addictiveness of their games.

HELWIG site profile image  

1/27/11 11:58 PM by HELWIG

 Close friend of mine has a job, college degree, etc. Yet was playing EQ II nonstop. He moved back with his dad and was sending REAL HUMAN MONEY to people in exchange for in-game "plat" to buy shit with. The dad found out and cut off the internet to the house to get him to stop. LOL