GSP: Roger Gracie kicked my ass pretty bad


GSP was stopping through London in 2010 when he figured he would stop by Roger’s academy to test himself.

“I got my ass kicked pretty bad,” he said, deciding to stay on awhile an train some with Roger for his last fight, his second unanimous decision win over Josh Koscheck.

In 2011, the Canadian returned to help Roger  train for his Strikeforce fight against Trevor Prangley.

“Roger is really good at taking the fight where he wants it – to the ground. He’s much better than people think. He’s not just a Jiu-Jitsu guy. Roger is a true MMA fighter,” said GSP in praise.

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SKARHEAD site profile image  

1/28/11 6:10 PM by SKARHEAD

LOL @ not being able to understand that and's not that hard to understand if you actually researched it. Read a little some time.

SKARHEAD site profile image  

1/28/11 6:07 PM by SKARHEAD

Yes, because you "know"...please. Roger is bigger than GSP by quite a bit and is FAR and away better on the mat. He would tool GSP badly on the ground. Get over it guys, GSP already has.

SKARHEAD site profile image  

1/28/11 6:03 PM by SKARHEAD

Wow...this place is getting more pathetic and embarrassing day by day.GSP can't even compliment this guy's skills without a whole shitload of hateful, whiny, know-it-all, keyboard warrior, douche-hawk, weasel faggots having to chime in with venomous hate just because the guy in question has the name Gracie.Yes, GSP MUST be lying and Roger is devoid of all skill....because you guys say so. Sure.

I AM A MOFO site profile image  

1/28/11 5:22 PM by I AM A MOFO

Jeez you people never fail to amaze with your stupidity.

HELWIG site profile image  

1/28/11 5:17 PM by HELWIG

 "who is better Jacre or Roger at BJJ?" Jacare has a takedown points win and a win via a back-take for 4 points that led to a win after Roger injured his arm with an amrbar. Roger has a sweep win, a RNC win(still have NO IDEA what was going on at the end where Jacare tries to walk out of bounds then stops fighting and just taps out) and I believe one more win via points. They were always awesome matches and VERY different from all of Roger's other matches because he was never able to just steamroll Jacare with his usual pass-mount-sub routine.

X_Rated site profile image  

1/28/11 5:12 PM by X_Rated

Ehhh I dunno bro. It's not like Roger has proven himself as an elite MMArtist quite just yet.  

TheJudge site profile image  

1/28/11 5:07 PM by TheJudge

I just watched the Gracie vs Drysdale match at ADCC. Interesting to note that afterwards there was no good time hugging or 'hey good match' sort of action. Drysdale seemed devastated but I kind of expected a pat on the back from Gracie or something. My point is this: is there more animosity between grappling opponents than say an MMA fight or any striking match?

Truemanc3 site profile image  

1/28/11 4:49 PM by Truemanc3

Then you know shit about MMA!

The Sultan site profile image  

1/28/11 2:51 PM by The Sultan

 The gracie combatives style of teaching BJJ is awesome for MMA because they are taught to deal with punches, strikes, etc since the beginning of their bjj.

DSaint site profile image  

1/28/11 2:45 PM by DSaint

 Hughes would have Shultz choked Roger unconscious. Just shows the difference between the 2 men.