Gracie to Guillard: Go back to Colombia


Cesar Gracie was recently quoted as saying "Greg Jackson is not one of the world's better coaches." Melvin Guillard, whose career has soared under Jackson's tutelage, took pointed exception to the remarks, calling forCesar to go back to Brazil forever. Now Gracie ups the anter further.

"Melvin's one of the better boxers in there, I enjoyed his fight with (Nate Diaz) but I heard he said something like 'go back to Brazil' and I was like 'Well who's gonna teach guys to keep choking you out if I go back to Brazil?' ... I heard he was talking about some kind of homo-erotic fantasies he had with me ... go keep painting your hair  ... You want to have sex with a man?' You got problems man. You want me to go back to Brazil? Go back to Columbia and get some more coke or whatever."


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sevr1 site profile image  

1/30/11 10:30 PM by sevr1

gotta agree w/ nobones

nobones site profile image  

1/30/11 7:21 PM by nobones

Disagree.  Most head coaches are visionaries, not speacialist or trainers.  After a certain point, Hackleman isn't Chuck's striking trainer, BJJ trainer or wrestling trainer.  He was his head coach however.  Greg is teaching his guys how to win at the sport of MMA.  Cesar is a BJJ specialist playing the role of a head coach.  Cesar is the one that has it backwards.  Jackson is successful with so many different fighters that come to him at verying levels in their careers because he offers them the guidance to excel in a particular sport.  Cesar is a specialist that will help you advance in a particular discipline.  What Jackson does is much more common and typical of what a head coach does.  Shawn Tompkins is the same way.  Besides Shields and Melendez, Gracie hasn't really brought along any fighters in the middle of their career to be successful in MMA or revive their MMA careers if they got stagnant.  Diaz brothers, Terrell he brought up from scratch but that's about it.  I'd say Jackson is much more of a head coach in the traditional sense while Cesar is more of a specialist trainer in BJJ.  

MF Swegs site profile image  

1/30/11 7:12 PM by MF Swegs

Agree with gracie 100%. Coke isnt on the same level as weed. Weed relaxes you. Coke ruins lives and then some. Not even close to being the same.

OldManMinerva site profile image  

1/30/11 6:51 PM by OldManMinerva

o yawhats the race of all parties involved so I can adjust my opinions accordingly

Anomonis site profile image  

1/30/11 6:50 PM by Anomonis

damn haha legit lol

MickColins site profile image  

1/30/11 6:40 PM by MickColins

 Cesar is a class guy. He explains what he meant when he talked about Jackson and he's right. 

nobones site profile image  

1/30/11 6:35 PM by nobones

Does cocaine even come from Colombia?  Thought it was mostly from Bolivia and Peru.  I think many of the cartels that send the stuff to the States are from Colombia because they can fly planes or send boats directly into Florida, Texas, etc. from Cartagena.

BLACKBUDDAH site profile image  

1/30/11 6:11 PM by BLACKBUDDAH

Hey, weed has made me kill alot of babies. WEED+The Fleshlight= Baby Murder

Anomonis site profile image  

1/30/11 2:03 PM by Anomonis

Damn the ignorance! Do people really consider potheads to be the same as cokeheads? Huh? And from my understanding Guillard wasn't even into coke, fucking CRACK! Not even in the same dimension as weed. Weed is only illegal due to socioeconomic political nonsense, crack is illegal because people kill babies with it.