Lesnar's coach: 'Brock will beat JDS with jiu-jitsu'

source: graciemag.com

Comprido says he will now return to competition at the Chicago Open and then the Worlds. But his focus in 2011 is on MMA and the UFC. “I have a student fighting in the UFC on the same day as the Pan, so I’ll miss that one. And I’ll be watching TUF closely, of course. I feel the fight between Brock Lesnar and Junior Cigano will be fantastic for the MMA scene, since Brock always drew a large number of spectators to the sport. Thus it will be interesting for Brazil and Brazilians, as Cigano will get a lot more visibility. And I'll try and show the world just how much our Jiu-Jitsu is important in MMA these days,” he says.

And he concludes: “The fight itself will be exciting. They’re two super athletes who want more than anything to get their hands on Velasquez’s belt and as quickly as possible. I can tell you that Brock will be totally well prepared and I expect nothing less than a breathtaking fight – of course, with Brock winning it.”

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