Eddie Bravo responds to Royce Gracie remarks about bad instructors

source: The Underground

In a recent interview (see video) Royce Gracie commented about "bad" teachers that re-name moves and claim them as a new and more effective style, a statement that could be taken as being directed at the most innovative teacher in BJJ, Eddie Bravo. Eddie responds below the video.


my response to Royce Gracie

From: EddieBravo
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 go to www.reverbnation.com and search for "Smoke Serpent", the song is "Jiu Jitsu" and it features Rakaa from the legendary underground hip hop band Dialated Peoples. Rakaa is a purple belt under Ryron Gracie, thank you very much for the support!

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12 site profile image  

4/10/14 5:34 PM by 12

didnt you start using ped's when you were getting heavy?

ChaosOverkill site profile image  

4/10/14 5:31 PM by ChaosOverkill

Royce is the definition of Jaded and subjective

TheDigitalRuler site profile image  

4/10/14 5:29 PM by TheDigitalRuler

Big fan of Eddie Bravo, but "Smoke Serpent" is one of the worst band names I've ever heard.

Stephen Holder site profile image  

4/10/14 4:05 PM by Stephen Holder

I never knew this existed, tight. Rakka is a super ill mc. I wish rap wasnt so wack now, seems like it was just yesterday I ordered the triple optics ep from phat beats on vinyl.

staygreenponyboy site profile image  

4/10/14 3:57 PM by staygreenponyboy

Nice guitar!

ValeTudo 1 site profile image  

4/10/14 3:54 PM by ValeTudo 1

I totally forgotten what this thread is about lol

Fryedtakyama owns me, it's normal site profile image  

4/9/14 7:10 PM by Fryedtakyama owns me, it's normal

Damn, I thought this was a recent thread. Good bump.

Galanis site profile image  

4/9/14 7:03 PM by Galanis

TTT Further proof Eddie never shit talked the Gracies. If anything, he is a huge fan of them. I mean listen to him talk about Rickson, Royce etc in interviews.. he idolizes these guys. He's just as much of a hardcore MMA fan as all of us, especially back in the early UFC days when Royce and Rickson were the 2 best guys on the planet. Eddie is ALWAYS giving his props to the family, Helio, etc. I mean his trainer is JJ Macahado and people try to say he is AGAINST the Gracies!! I know the Macahado's aren't from Helio's side but man, from the beginning Eddie has had nothing but respect for the Gracie fam. I actually dig the song a lot, especially the first verse. And damn Eddie, you got some nice flying V's man. I just got a brand new Jackson Rhoads V myself, it's black on black and gorgeous. Here's a pic of the binding on the neck. It's a neck thru, EMG pickups, real high end beauty :) Anyway was just listening to this jam and figured I'd bump this for some people who might not know about it. Saw those beautiful V's and had to share mine haha. Hope you're good Eddie!

jittaz site profile image  

2/7/11 1:45 PM by jittaz


jittaz site profile image  

2/6/11 1:20 PM by jittaz