Tompkins refutes reports that he offered Silva advice on Belfort


Franklin McNeil on MMA Live and Ray Sefo (see below) alleged that coach Shawn Tompkins was offering advice to Anderson Silva on how to beat former student Vitor Belfort:

Tompkins responded unequivocally on the UG:

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Easy guys, I've haven't even seen Anderson for over a year..

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Masakatsu Funaki site profile image  

2/7/11 2:47 AM by Masakatsu Funaki

Shawn, you still haven't answered the question of whether you had any contact with anyone affiliated with Anderson in any way...

ArthurFonzerill site profile image  

2/5/11 10:21 PM by ArthurFonzerill

sefo and belfort = class

jbapk site profile image  

2/5/11 8:14 PM by jbapk

Here's the swedish guys

Lord Kancho site profile image  

2/5/11 8:04 PM by Lord Kancho

This happens. Juanito tried to work with opponents against Rampage. Fabio Holanda worked with an opponent for a fight against GSP.

Masakatsu Funaki site profile image  

2/5/11 7:37 PM by Masakatsu Funaki

Russell, Do you really think that Franklin McNeil just randomly came up with this rumor? Something that, if a scurrilous lie, could destroy McNeil's reputation completely among fighters and trainers? McNeil was dead on with the Shogun injured knee rumor before the fight. Everyone jumped on him then saying he was lying and it turned out he was right. Even if Tompkins didn't communicate with someone from Anderson's camp....which he DID NOT deny doing on this very thread, the Sefo interview brought to light the type of guy that Shawn really is.

I AM A MOFO site profile image  

2/5/11 7:33 PM by I AM A MOFO

Good point because he's CLEARLY not the least bit bitter about him and Vitor's split...I'm sure Anderson Silva had better shit to do then call Franklin to offer help against his former sparring/training partner.....but spite is a bitch.I'd say the same for Juanito, but in his case he probably really didn't, lol.

Mike Russell site profile image  

2/5/11 7:26 PM by Mike Russell

Let me get this straight, Shawn's fighter is getting ready to fight a Black House fighter in April for the featherweight title, and Shawn decides to get all buddy-buddy with them by giving them tips that may or may not help them when Anderson fights Vitor?  So how exactly did this conversation go? "Hey Ed, it's Shawn Tompkins. I have some info for you that may help Anderson win at UFC 126. Vitor will likely come out trying to knock Anderson out early in the fight. He also told me he hates mimes, so if Anderson wears a mask to the weigh-in it will freak him out." GTFO. Like Tompkins doesn't have anything better to do.

I AM A MOFO site profile image  

2/5/11 5:36 PM by I AM A MOFO

lol@people on Anderson's nuts talking about what a "true martial artist" he is and how respectful and zen he is an shit.Dude is just a Michael Bisping/Tito that keeps his mouth shut in public and has all you cattle snowed.

I AM A MOFO site profile image  

2/5/11 5:34 PM by I AM A MOFO

No but I don't pretend to either. That's what makes the difference.

Jeff Sherwood site profile image  

2/5/11 5:32 PM by Jeff Sherwood

the ubiquitous UG "no budo" you have budo?