Bas Rutten on Silva's kick: What planet does Seagal live on?


Immediately after Anderson Silva knocked Vitor Belfort into bolivian with a front kick, Steven Seagal was interviewed by Ariel Helwani, and took credit:
"Right before he walked out, I said, 'Stay away from him for the first two or three minutes. Just kind of get him frustrated and then fake low and come high and do that kick that I've been teaching you and kick him in the head or the face.' He did exactly what I said and exactly what I wanted to happen, happened, and I was very proud of him."

The MMA world issued a collective "WAT?" and tried to determine whether or not it was a high level troll, or if Steven Seagal really believed he had developed a secret kick, or, if Silva was playing along with Seagal to be nice, or, maybe, if Silva actually learned a secret Aikido kick and used it to stop Belfort for the first time in The Phenom's career.

Below Bas Rutten weighs in with his thoughts:

Never ever seen this, wow, haha

From now on, that's the weapon to watch out for from Silva, almost no hip movement so u couldn't tell it was coming 

Seagal now claiming he taught Silva that kick? And he REALLY believes this? wow, again, WOW! 

I bet u he really believes what he says, its the funniest thing ever, EVER! 

thought it was a skit first, like Saturday night live, but then realized it's not. "He contacted me to teach me deadly stuff", Haha, tears! 

He taught him a front kick to the face? he invented that? Nobody else knows this kick yet? What planet does he live on? OK, lets NEVER talk about this again, lets NOT do this, I WILL address it ONCE on Inside MMA though, but that's it. Party on! 

I saw Ariel having a smirk on his face, that's why I really thought it was a joke, I am not kidding, Inside MMA is coming up! Hahahaha!! 


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sakbjj site profile image  

5/22/11 8:11 PM by sakbjj

Try to ignore how Bas' tweets and this thread blew up in everyone's face all you want bro, won't change a thingbtw Seagal would rape that snakeoil salesman and everyone knows it, including BasSilva and Machida struggle to keep up.... lol at NJPW Bas and his dangada comedy vids

akiyonomotu site profile image  

5/22/11 8:05 PM by akiyonomotu

Bas would literally kill Seagal in a fight within one minute. That's all that really matters here.

sakbjj site profile image  

5/22/11 8:01 PM by sakbjj

Damn, haven't actually read Bas' tweets in a while. SO FUCKING BITTERAnd the multitude of trolls and haters in this thread that have now been styled upon to an epic degree is absolutely hilarious

sakbjj site profile image  

5/22/11 7:57 PM by sakbjj

Yeah other than having infinite more success in everything Bas attempts (coaching, movies, gyms etc.) Also there's little question a prime Seagal would literally kill the charlatan Bas. Not unsure a 60 yr old Seagal wouldn't as well.Haters: stay in the trane ufc stone age. The rest of us have moved on to MMA 3.0

Retard'sLawyerFappedinMymouth site profile image  

5/22/11 7:49 PM by Retard'sLawyerFappedinMymouth

the only thing that Seagull beats Bas in would be a pie eating contest...Bas would kick his ass in under 5 min.

sakbjj site profile image  

5/22/11 7:41 PM by sakbjj

Update: Scroll through this thread to see who the true haters, bashers and idiots of the UG are...Will Bas now admit he was wrong, be a man and apologize? Or continue to be bitter?Epic win is epic.

VANISM site profile image  

5/4/11 3:39 AM by VANISM

Seagal hasnt said shit about anyone all he has commented on is his techniques and how his friends/students implemented them - When asked. I think Bas is just being a hater here. Dude needs to be careful though, Seagal aint no joke and Bas might be younger but there's a reason why he cant compete no more. Seagal wouuld just sweep the leg!

sakbjj site profile image  

5/4/11 2:00 AM by sakbjj

^Seagal has freaky good hands for a large 60 year old manwatch the vids, silva and machida couldn't fully keep up with himdude was no doubt a beast in his prime

Yoshida4Life site profile image  

5/4/11 1:59 AM by Yoshida4Life

Are you sure about that?There definitely are highly ranked Westerners living there and teaching there. But really, martial arts are not as profitable as many other activities there. Baseball is far more important in Japanese culture these days than anything to do with the martial arts.