Shane Carwin insulted at people claiming fix in Jones/Bader fight

by Shane Carwin | source: The Underground

From: Shane Carwin
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I can handle all the roid mokey, over hyped, one punch wonder comments you all make about me. Most of the time I laugh at them and yet I never seem to meet you guys at the meet and greets or fan expos. This calling fights being fixed or scripted is just a huge insult.

I had a sponsor accuse me of throwing the Lesnar fight and let me tell you it is the most insulting thing I have ever experienced as a fighter. I lost to the World Champion. I also trained for a World Champion. On my time and dime I spent hundreds of days in the gym training. My coaches and teammates poured the same amount of time into helping me prepare. That is what we do. We are not multi-millionaire athletes with everything handed to us. We are modern day gladiators who sacrifice more then any of you can imagine for an opportunity to compete.

Sometimes we look so good that the opponents do not and others we are faced up against men who have sacrificed more and we are the ones on the receiving end. We do it for the love of the sport and the RESPECT of the fans. Not for the money or fame.

So to come on here (no matter your join date) and disrespect two warriors that just gave up everything for a chance to perform for you is about as low as you can go. To say a fighter would throw a fight is the WORST kind of fighter bashing imaginable. Yet the UG is filled with threads about it.

Maybe you do not know or maybe you just do not care. I just do not understand it. Jones was the better man last Saturday. It does not make Bader less of a man. He is still the guy that was undefeated and earned himself a spot at the top. He hasn't lost any of that because he lost. MMA is a form of Martial Arts. We are all going to lose and when we do we should only be judged by what we learned or failed to learn from the loss.

Our sacrifice is not any less win or lose, our commitment to training and making sure we can give our chance all the opportunities to perform and to give ourselves the best chance at winning. In every fight there will always be a winner and a loser, we can't change that.

In another perspective the Steelers are still AFC Champions and the second best team in the NFL is a ton better then where some of the other teams ended up. Go Broncos!

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8/20/15 7:55 AM by mm370


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8/20/15 1:09 AM by TBA11

Shane Carwin is the man.

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8/20/15 12:12 AM by Liger11

I get that you're intelligent and that engineering has a little bit more longevity than fighting, but that doesn't mean that I can't miss you, Shane Carwin...

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8/19/15 11:38 PM by IGrindedAnthony’sJohnson

I miss u big guy!

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8/19/15 11:28 PM by Blazing Knees

He's retired dude. 2013. He's 40 and happy.'Carwin and his two brothers were raised by his mother, who had the goal of getting all her sons college educations. He started wrestling when he was 6 years old. He received a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering from the Colorado School of Mines as well as a bachelor's degree in environmental technology from Western State College.Carwin wrestled in college, becoming a two-time NCAA Division II Wrestling National Runner-Up as a Heavyweight in 1996–97 and the NCAA II Wrestling Heavyweight National Champion in 1999. He was also a two-time All-American in football for Western State and was chosen to participate in the Senior Bowl./

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8/19/15 11:20 PM by MrFluffyHippo

Damnit fuck I thought this was a new Carwin post.

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8/19/15 11:08 PM by Non N00B

Yep, still fighting all the time, heard he was going to fight in Elite XC or Strikeforce soon, maybe another up and coming new promotion.

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8/19/15 10:42 PM by Akston


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8/19/15 10:33 PM by Rambo John J

dude... if there was ever a sport to fix.... MMA is ripe as hell only takes one man ridiculous odds at times guys make very little money don't be so gullable to think MMA is on the level 100%

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8/19/15 10:24 PM by VinegarStrokes

Fuck the haters.