Frankie Edgar follows GSP in dropping manager Shari Spencer

by Ariel Helwani | source:

Days after Georges St-Pierre and his then-manager Shari Spencer parted ways, Spencer has said goodbye to her only other fighter client: UFC lightweight champion Frankie Edgar.

MMA Fighting confirmed with Spencer that she and Edgar had "amicably" split up. Spencer refused to give a reason for the decision and Edgar declined to comment when contacted by MMA Fighting.

While Spencer now finds herself no longer representing MMA fighters, she told MMA Fighting Tuesday evening that she is currently evaluating opportunities coming her way both within the sport and outside of it.

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This is a marked change for Edgar, who just last August said of his then manager "A woman's touch can't hurt."

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thebrownbison site profile image  

2/9/11 10:38 PM by thebrownbison

GROUCHY SMURF - "Is that why he gets 5k a fight?" No, he gets 5K a fight because he donates it all to charity. Fucking grouch.

donniejessup site profile image  

2/9/11 10:20 PM by donniejessup

completely false and i have no doubt from your lack of acumen that it's a job you couldn't handle.there is way more pressure and very high expectations at that level. there are more things that can go wrong and higher stakes when they do go wrong.i'm not saying anything about this specific case, but if you think anything at that level is easy, you are 15 years old or a moron.

Zomby site profile image  

2/9/11 10:14 PM by Zomby

She sucked and fucked her way up.I always thought fighters should only trust their friends or trainers to manage them, but you don't know if they can get you a best deal because of their lack of experience/knowledge. So then they go to these other "big time" managers that end up screwing them over, but may bring in more money.So is it always a pick your poison? or what else can fighters do?

GROUCHY SMURF site profile image  

2/9/11 8:21 PM by GROUCHY SMURF

Is that why he gets 5k a fight?

AmericanPsychoMMA site profile image  

2/9/11 7:26 PM by AmericanPsychoMMA

 LOL at Shari trying to get Hershel Walker.  Like he needs her, I am sure Hershel already has mangers, agents and PR reps. 

frontrowbrian site profile image  

2/9/11 7:13 PM by frontrowbrian

 This is actually a story I broke last Friday when Dana White told me when I ran into him at the Mint high limits lounge at the Palms. I emailed Josh Gross about it and then he confirmed it early Saturday. You can look at Gross's twitter for confirmation of that. Spencer has a horrendous reputation. If half the stuff is true I've heard, she'll never manage any MMA fighter of note ever again. There was nothing amicable about GSP and Edgar leaving her. She was fired. Of course some moron journalists will say "She made GSP mainstream!" It's really difficult to sell someone with GQ looks and elite, elite level talent. put two and two together. To be get shitcanned by 2 champions in the same week ..... it comes down to money and dishonesty.  She was in San Jose Strikeforce on 1/28 trying to recruit Hershel Walker and funny enough she was sitting next to me. Total douchebag even to the waitress getting the drinks. Get this old worn out lady away from the sport.  

torquemada site profile image  

2/9/11 6:52 PM by torquemada

Danaher has spoken.

AmericanPsychoMMA site profile image  

2/9/11 6:38 PM by AmericanPsychoMMA

 I am guessing GSP and Frankie are in on this together about dumping Shari. 

slamming site profile image  

2/9/11 3:48 PM by slamming

 This news was broken by FRB a few days ago.  Props to him.

GroundStPound site profile image  

2/9/11 2:36 PM by GroundStPound

TTT for more info on Shari, something is up here...