Josh Barnett: SF Grand Prix is a 'stepping stone'


Speaking at the Strikeforce Heavyweight Grand Prix press conference this week in New York, Josh Barnett said:

This tournament is hugely important for MMA at large and especially for the heavyweight division because this is the greatest collection of heavyweight talent ever assembled for one tournament. This is not just a paper thing. The winner will be the No. 1 heavyweight in the world.”

“I’m very excited and glad to be part of it and hope to use it as a stepping-stone to re-establish my career and to re-establish myself as the No. 1 fighter. I haven’t lost in years and don’t plan to now."

Former UFC heavyweight champion Barnett faces knockout artist Brett Rogers in quarter-final match-up later on this year.


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rockwell site profile image  

2/12/11 2:24 AM by rockwell

Kharitonov will win this side of the bracket facing Barnett in the semifinals.

Newbiebad site profile image  

2/12/11 1:57 AM by Newbiebad

Arlovski's striking is getting worse every fight. He's getting more and more flatfooted and all he ever does anymore is move predictably backward and forwards in a straight line. I'm hoping for a career revival, but I don't think time is on his side. His style relies on having both faster hands and better boxing and he's lost a bit of both.Fedor might lose his hand speed, but he's still got his GnP, his throws, and his solid ground game. Arlovski has none of that.

Monsters Ball site profile image  

2/12/11 12:45 AM by Monsters Ball

He's always had great take down defense. My biggest concern is that he protect his chin.

edock02 site profile image  

2/12/11 12:30 AM by edock02

I cannot stand this arrogant cheat. How the fuck does he get another chance...I hope he gets his fkn arse handed to him like crocop did to him in pride

Kakkarotto_san site profile image  

2/12/11 12:23 AM by Kakkarotto_san

I actually think Arlovski is being brushed off on that side of the bracket. He's better than what people are giving him credit for.If he gets his TD defense up to par, he's dangerous for anyone.

Formulate Infinity site profile image  

2/12/11 12:16 AM by Formulate Infinity

Izzy- "March 22nd 2002" Oh you mean when the won the ufc heavyweight title and then was stripped of it for testing positive for three banned substances? Riiiiiiight

trent205 site profile image  

2/10/11 6:06 PM by trent205

 barnett is dilusional if he really thinks hes even in the top 25! cheating douche bag!

BUFFGEO site profile image  

2/10/11 5:58 PM by BUFFGEO


p4pSilvaReemAldo site profile image  

2/10/11 5:31 PM by p4pSilvaReemAldo

effertime 4 hours ago Hopefully all you faggots are trolling. Barnett is a fucking legend and i'll always pay to watch him beat the shit out of somebody. THIS

slamming site profile image  

2/10/11 5:09 PM by slamming

 LOL @ this "the winner will be the number one in the world" bullshit. You telling me if Anyone on the right side wins they will be number one? LOL