Brazil Report: Seagal training a publicity stunt


Steven Seagal did not, in fact, teach Anderson Silva anything, and certainly not the fight-finishing kick which knocked out Vitor Belfort at UFC 126 (which, incidentally, Anderson used on Dan Henderson and Lee Murray and also featured in an instructional he produced TWO YEARS AGO).

It has taken a  reporter from Brazilan outfit Portal De Vale Tudo to definitively debunk it:

"The declaration of the champion Anderson Silva (Seagal helping him with the amazing kick) was contemplated with humor by the fans, who knows that the actor was at most twice with the Brazilian,” a report in the online magazine says.

“The approach between the two was actually a marketing maneuver planned by the agent of Anderson, Jorge Joinha, to give more visibility to it's champion in the American media. The plan worked very well in the first stage, the problem was in the wrong dose and reached the absurdity of assigning a brilliant victory by the biggest name in the MMA of all time to a "Master of Hollywood" who never climbed in the ring.

“The worst of all is that Segal, perhaps influenced by some of his films, believed and even stated in several interviews after the fight that "He (Anderson) did everything the way i taught him and made me very proud". For God's sake..."

Read entire article...
Read entire article... (original Portuguese)

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CeDeR site profile image  

2/11/11 2:41 PM by CeDeR

<blockquote>Xordus - Finally this is exposed as the crazy bullshit it is.<br /><br />It's hilarious how many gullible people there are on this forum. I came here a couple days ago to see what the real MMA community's reaction was to this ridiculous news and to my disbelief +60% of the response was that it was real and I was heckled for saying it was a joke. <br /><br />It's AMAZING how many people fell for this. As retarded as it sounds at face value, people just gobbled it up and said "yeah, this guy's legit, Master Segal and his Deadly Arts...". Made me want to puke. At least now I get to bask in the light truth, and Segal can go back to being an obscure human joke to "real" martial artists...</blockquote><br />ur the gullible lol u got trolled hard

hmeboy site profile image  

2/11/11 1:12 PM by hmeboy

Wow. I think the best part of this thread is people coming out of the woodwork to call the seagal trolls gullible. Really? THEY are the gullible ones? Not the people who believe the Seagal Trolls are being 100% serious and have just somehow gotten their comeuppance. lolMeanwhile they use this thread as an angle to get you all so frustrated because they just wont accept the truth. well done gentleman.

11r4life site profile image  

2/11/11 12:00 PM by 11r4life

Also seen a interview with that energetic female where he said the plan was to not engage for a the first few minutes frustrate Vitor then throw the kick. Now it was all part of his plan and it unrolled to the T.

ix3623 site profile image  

2/11/11 11:38 AM by ix3623

anderson doing the kick against maia

IfUdontKnow site profile image  

2/11/11 9:48 AM by IfUdontKnow

I said this before but no Segal lovers responded. Who taught Silva the kick he used again Hendo?? Oh, and don't tell me it was done differently or with different technique. Same kick!

LIAM_B site profile image  

2/11/11 5:43 AM by LIAM_B

Awesome video! this trolling is a joke and people are still trying to do it...even now! lol

surfin joe site profile image  

2/11/11 12:44 AM by surfin joe

LOLnice CRT monitors. my eyes hurt just looking at those.

prawn site profile image  

2/11/11 12:43 AM by prawn

there's no reason why an aikido master who lived in japan and studied many martial arts all him life couldn't possilby teach Silva I'm sure he would school 98% of the people that hate on him in a ring, elevator or on the streets. Anybody whos trained martial arts knows that they can learn something from anyone let alone a master whos run a school in Japan and lived and breathed martial arts his whole life

KingBodhi site profile image  

2/11/11 12:38 AM by KingBodhi

I don't really think could be less of a surprise. How could anyone have taken any of this seriously to begin with?