Chael Sonnen has harsh words for deceased Evan Tanner


The UFC wanted to sign him and (UFC matchmaker) Joe Silva couldn't reach him. Evan was on something the kids cal;lmyspace and he was glued on that thing nonstop. Joe Silva had to create a myspace called "Joe" with the UFC logo, just to give him a cotnract with a whole lot of money and get him back in the ring. That says a lot about where Evan was mentally.

For a grown man to not answer his telephone is just irresponsible.If you are not going to behave like an adult, we need to part ways. Adults return phone calls ... If he wants to make these kind of decisions, good for you, enjoy your life.


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TalkShowOnMute site profile image  

2/11/11 11:32 PM by TalkShowOnMute

People who think it is kosher to speak ill of the deceased should google the word "tact", then acquire some.Obviously this is within reason, use judgement. I don't expect someone not to speak ill of the deceased Hitler or Stalin..But talking bad about a guy who is no longer here to defend himself...cowardice.

sly fox site profile image  

2/11/11 11:26 PM by sly fox

 chaels boring, always trying to find a way to stay in the news... um peds... and fraud maybe he should talk about himself

BrutalMedic site profile image  

2/11/11 6:48 PM by BrutalMedic

Ugh, waste of a thread. I just do not get why people take this guy seriously.He's irrelevant - ignore him.

Captain America site profile image  

2/11/11 6:35 PM by Captain America

For later

FingerorMoon site profile image  

2/11/11 6:21 PM by FingerorMoon

"To the living we owe respect, but to the dead we owe only the truth" - Voltaire

biggator site profile image  

2/11/11 5:57 PM by biggator

chael is a asshat. that aside he has every right to speak his mind on this subject. I dont think it makes anyone that is/was a fan of tanner less of a fan. Tanner was an introspective dude and a wanderer. Chael is a rightwing nutjob who cant see the value in that type of lifestyle. hey chael, maybe there was a reason he didnt answer your calls... nobody likes to hear someone talk about them self all the time.

Mr Right site profile image  

2/11/11 5:49 PM by Mr Right

Wah wah wah wah. I forgot the ug was full of a bunch of winning babies. That and alot of you just hate chael... Although chael Constantly trolls, and you idiots are too dumb to figure it out. He's just telling the truth in this video it's a fucking documentary!! Yall should just stick to the disney movies lol

surfin joe site profile image  

2/11/11 5:23 PM by surfin joe


ArtWanderlei site profile image  

2/11/11 5:18 PM by ArtWanderlei

 good for Chael.  Starting to respect him a little.

itskrisdude site profile image  

2/11/11 5:16 PM by itskrisdude

I wasn't offended by his comments, they were just funny coming from a guy as shady as Sonnen.He didn't just say, "he refused to return my calls, so I was a little upset about it." He called him irresponsible and questioned the mans intelligence. He attacked Tanners character. Pretty amusing considering Chael himself isn't exactly a beacon of integrity. Passing judgement on someone because they are different than yourself is not "being honest." He spewed up his fucking opinions on a man who isn't here to defend himself. So fuck Chael, the guy is a piece of shit.