Anti MMA NY Rep linked to anti Fertitta union

by Fernando Quiles Jr. | source:

For years, New York State Assemblyman Bob Reilly has claimed to be opposed to MMA because of its "brutality," but there may be more to the story.

Hotel union Unite Here has engaged in an ongoing feud with Lorenzo and Frank Fertitta, accusing them of thwarting union organizing at the Las Vegas based Station Casinos chain. The brothers of course are also co-owners of the UFC.

In a move seen by many observers as sour grapes, Unite Here has refused to support the UFC's road to legalization in New York. In fact, they have continued to lobby against it.

In 2006, Reilly had 211 identified contributions. The second largest personal contribution came from Unite Here.

In his hour-long interview with Larry Pepe of Pro MMA Radio, Reilly was asked about his relationship with Unite Here, and if it was really the deciding factor in lobbying against MMA.

"Unite Here is one of very many unions and if you go through the contributions that have been made to me, I would suppose aside from the Democratic Party which received much of their contributions from labor unions, you'll find many other unions contributing to me. I don't know the connection."

Pepe went on to explain to Reilly that it seems very political for a national hotel union that operates in New York as well as Las Vegas to lobby against the legalization of a sport that would bring in significant hotel revenue when the union is at odds with the organization trying to get it done.

Reilly replied with a simple "Okay."

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Haulport site profile image  

2/14/11 10:46 PM by Haulport

This man truly understands how things work. If you vote for politicians who tell you higher taxes on "the rich" and huge entitle programs for "the poor" you simply handing your freedom and your entire life over to people who take your money and give it to their friends and have zero interest in helping anyone.

KahL site profile image  

2/14/11 9:04 PM by KahL

Lewis Black, ladies and gentleman.

MMALOGIC site profile image  

2/14/11 8:54 PM by MMALOGIC

Thank all the socialist filth in this country that you now have to buy your freedom.What do you socialist morons think happens when you vote for more government? you think these scumbags are working for your interests?They work for special interests and every time you vote for more governement you give special interests more power.There is no incentive for them to work for the general interest. The socialist scum in this country who need a teet to suck on continue to give government more power and what do you praytell think these asswipes do with that power?They auction that power off mutherfuckers. And the highest bidders get their subsidies, tax incentives, and preferential regulations.It's killed the free market... because businesses who actually delivered value to the market place and grew to a certain size eventually realized buying political power to protect their interests was a better roi than delivering value to the marketplace. They buy tax, regulatory or legislative benefits essentially making it impossible for others to compete with them creating governemnt assisted artificial monopolies. Now these businesses have no real incentive to continue to add value to the marketplace because they created artificial barrriers through government to keep competition out.So the politicians fuck you and the businesses that have been artificially sustained through political powers fuck you. You're being fucked politically and commercially.Thank the fucking socialist democrats and fake conservatives.Youre fucked. Youre schools are fucked. Youre healthcare is fucked. Youre savings are fucked.Youre Fucked.Next time somebody suggests a government solution to a problem punch him right in the fucking face cuz that person is fucking you too.Fucking you and you dont even know it. Your fucked.

Lunchbox101 site profile image  

2/14/11 7:50 PM by Lunchbox101

Fucking filthy politicians...

Empire site profile image  

2/14/11 7:47 PM by Empire

doesn't matter.this shit won't fly in NY for a while the way teh economy is, although it would be a boost.right now all effort will go towards the budget and reducing spending. something like legalizing mma is WAYYYYY on the fringe of things to give a fuck about in the eyes of NY's legislature.

hellride site profile image  

2/14/11 7:43 PM by hellride

It's politics, what do you expect. To get along you have to go along, the true fee thinkers are swept under the rug of big business agenda.

greenseed site profile image  

2/14/11 7:18 PM by greenseed


Augie Max site profile image  

2/14/11 7:08 PM by Augie Max

Fighters Only John Joe is the only reporter who has had the balls to bring this up with Dana back in November.

Freakin 10er site profile image  

2/14/11 4:06 PM by Freakin 10er

Corrupt piece of crap, its guys like him that keep politics dirty. Let's let the lawmakers be the first one's that go into the cage once this bill gets passed: it's only a matter of time

mark9 site profile image  

2/14/11 2:17 PM by mark9

bob reily is an ignorant and selfish piece of shit and shud be removed from any position of power