Barnett: I can tap out anyone in the world


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WestsideStrangler site profile image  

2/18/11 2:38 AM by WestsideStrangler

BY actual submission and I was talking about rolling asshole and why do you have to make a thread about someone else about me? And I bet you $100 I tap out 6 of those 7 just rolling.  Fighting is different you should try it.  

CJJScout site profile image  

2/17/11 8:47 AM by CJJScout

I believe him

NHBSuperman site profile image  

2/17/11 5:14 AM by NHBSuperman

The thing about Josh is like him or not, (I do not care for him, he is mean. But I have tremendous respect for him) He is by far one of the most talented graspplers on the planet,  I always learned something when i was on a mat with him.

Slapsymaxi site profile image  

2/16/11 11:36 PM by Slapsymaxi

I'm not sold on Nog screaming in agony cause he was caught.I think Josh was reasonably close to catching him, but Nog rushed trying to muscle his leg out so he didn't leave the fight with the judges stuck in a leglock. Max

nowaydo site profile image  

2/16/11 11:06 PM by nowaydo

Barnett scares me.

thomase site profile image  

2/16/11 9:32 PM by thomase


sirjoshua site profile image  

2/16/11 8:42 PM by sirjoshua

What chu' know about toe holds?!Barnett could submit a submission.....yup..

The Wizzle site profile image  

2/16/11 8:17 PM by The Wizzle

By all accounts Josh just got caught doing what many do, stupid but it has nothing to do with his grappling. Being linked to Paulson and some of the older guys like Billy Robinson he is an authentic modern day catch wrestler and a link to american history(maybe that's going too far, maybe not). It's only smart for him to take up the gi and absorb its benefits too..dark horse in this tournament for sure.

bhealthy site profile image  

2/16/11 11:18 AM by bhealthy

many use drugs to weigh 98 lbs. i like josh, and really wish he didnt juice, because i think he could win a lot with or wothout the juice. unfortunately winning a lot isnt good enough for some 'fans'. thier heroes must be invincible like in the comic books they read. 1 chink in th armour and u were never any good. seems lik mma fans can jump off a bandwagon faster than in any other sport

RIPLEY site profile image  

2/16/11 10:28 AM by RIPLEY

"josh can also tap the air out of a syringe.fuck that guy."Awesome contribution. 98 pound drug free studs or 250 pound fat asses that suck at sports always seem to have a big excuse explaining why an elite athlete is not worthy of due respect. It sounds to me like you know nothing about the programs of professional athletes and what they go through, but you are an expert at bashing fighters on the web. Way to go tough guy.