Urijah Faber hanging with a half naked Natasha Wicks

source: formathletics.com

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maxmain site profile image  

2/17/11 5:25 PM by maxmain

No kidding huh? Made me crazy with the WEC Faber-love and continued in a lesser degree now with the UFC but to say he sucks is fucking retarded and another case of unpunished fighter bashing on here.

Dennis Schurg site profile image  

2/17/11 2:04 PM by Dennis Schurg

Haha, he definitely doesn't suck at MMA.  The jealous rage for Faber is crazy! 

Groet site profile image  

2/17/11 1:27 PM by Groet

Natasha Wicks, the only ring girl who has a personality. She may not have great curves but she makes up for it with cuteness.

Bull_in_chinashop site profile image  

2/17/11 1:00 PM by Bull_in_chinashop

I'm a huge soul music fan and the Budos are outstanding as well.  BEEP!  

romophobia site profile image  

2/17/11 12:27 PM by romophobia

 This...^^^^^ Henson, you are a dufus.

Atomic site profile image  

2/17/11 11:57 AM by Atomic

Pretty meh on the message and what it is trying to convey. Not a great advertisement at all.

jarredmercado site profile image  

2/17/11 10:49 AM by jarredmercado

If Faber read this thread it would no doubt confirm his he has made the right decisions and reached a high level of success.

GoGo GadgetPlata site profile image  

2/17/11 10:24 AM by GoGo GadgetPlata

Surprised someone else noticed this, although they are getting a lot more exposure these days. If you like the Dap Kings check out Budos Band, you'll dig it. BEEP!

TRO11er site profile image  

2/17/11 10:03 AM by TRO11er

Uriah Gayber.

Humphrey site profile image  

2/17/11 9:59 AM by Humphrey

24 - 4 with 20 finishes.