Big Nog: GSP is best wrestler in MMA, but Silva will KO him


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keylockarmbar site profile image  

2/22/11 4:15 AM by keylockarmbar

yes forrest is an excellent fighter but he is nowhere near considered the best in the division much less even a p4p contender. what im saying is when silva went up he tested the waters against lesser comp than GSP is expected to do. let GSP fight nate or palhares. he should at least get to test the waters. i think hes not big enough to beat andy. his skill is equal to or more than andy but hes too small to be effective like he needs to be to fight the p4p king. how would aldo fair against GSP?

FadeToBlack site profile image  

2/18/11 9:03 AM by FadeToBlack

Let's be real here - Anderson and GSP have BOTH fought stiff competition over the years. Trying to discredit either one of their resumes is an exercise in futility. It's a non-starter.

JkdSam site profile image  

2/18/11 9:02 AM by JkdSam

GSP is like 5'9" - Silva is 6'2"-6'3"'s like a grownup compared to a kid, size wise. Skill wise, they're close, but the size difference is just too much.

gabemadrid site profile image  

2/18/11 8:54 AM by gabemadrid

Let's see Anderson do it til then it's all speculation. I could see it happening both ways in my mind it's 65/35

Deaf Forever site profile image  

2/18/11 8:37 AM by Deaf Forever

Marquardt, Franklin, Belfort and Forrest Griffin are complete fighters you moron. Marquardt and Franklin in particular are renowned for being solid everywhere. Hughes, Hardy, Koscheck and Shields, who GSP is fighting next are the antithesis of well rounded.

Deaf Forever site profile image  

2/18/11 8:34 AM by Deaf Forever

His TDD rate is at 80% and Sonnen only completed 3/7 takedowns.You're a fucking idiot.Anderson Silva by KO.

Justinmacd site profile image  

2/18/11 8:25 AM by Justinmacd

Big Nog is the man. A real cool dude.

ZugZug site profile image  

2/18/11 3:47 AM by ZugZug

Silva's reach is 77.5, GSP's is 76. That's a negligible advantage.

aKaBeasTTT site profile image  

2/18/11 3:41 AM by aKaBeasTTT

am I the only one in this thread that watched the Chael fight? Broke ribs or not, Anderson has some of the shittiest TDD in the MW division. GSP by TKO or Unanimous Decision.

AnotherTMAguy site profile image  

2/18/11 3:30 AM by AnotherTMAguy

Forrest had beaten Rampage at that point and had went 3 rounds with Rashad in a fairly even contest before he got KO'd.