Hardy: I'm supressing my inner serial killer

by Pedro Carrasco | source: bjpenn.com

"The Condit fight, I didn’t have any respect for, like I said, his ‘roll of the dice’. I didn’t think there was a chance of getting caught. But it has put me in a place where, I certainly wouldn’t like to fight me now because now I’m suppressing my inner serial killer and I want to hurt somebody and Condit’s going to be at the top of my list until the end of my career.

I want to get that win over him and I’m determined to get that. I think this next fight is going to be a good step towards getting back to Condit and to the rest of the guys that I want to put a beating on. He certainly hasn’t gotten away with it.”

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Recent Comments »

coonassjitsu site profile image  

2/16/11 8:50 PM by coonassjitsu

Fact is that neither Hardy or his fans will ever get to prove that.Rematches aren't usually hurried or even ever made after ya get KTFO in the first round.

coonassjitsu site profile image  

2/16/11 8:49 PM by coonassjitsu

Fact is that neither Hardy or his fans will ever get to prove that.Rematches aren't usually hurried or even ever made after ya get KTFO in the first round.

ZugZug site profile image  

2/16/11 8:20 PM by ZugZug

Some serious UKTT butthurt in this thread.

adrenochrome site profile image  

2/16/11 8:03 PM by adrenochrome

These UK guys crack me up... ...even Bisping had a laugh.

Anomonis site profile image  

2/16/11 7:23 PM by Anomonis

He needs other tools besides striking if he is going to string some wins together. I see no reason to think he will develop these. Johnson is another underperforming fighter who looks good against lower quality performance, but I think he is a lot more dangerous than Hardy.Seems doubtful Hardy gets cut, he's a fairly big name and they spent money hyping him prior to his match with GSP. High name British fighters who've been overhyped seem to last awhile in the UFC, for obvious marketing reasons. I think he'd have to drop 2 more to get cut.

RentedMule site profile image  

2/16/11 6:55 PM by RentedMule

Hardy will not be the same fighter after that loss, and probably not in a good way.Carlos shut his lights off. I wouldn't be surprised to see Dan start to get gunshy against guys with good power. I'm not saying he'll run around like Bisping, but a noticable difference. Not to mention the fact that his opponents know that he can be stopped now.Maybe he can make this work for him, though. Time will tell, but I don't think it will be easy for someone with such a limited skillset.

HeHitsMeBecauseHeLovesMe site profile image  

2/16/11 5:56 PM by HeHitsMeBecauseHeLovesMe

Seriously though, Hardy got sat down so hard, I would be surprised if his ass wasn't still hurting. I don't see him ever getting a rematch. that's not the type of fight they give a rematch. Hardy was outclassed from the opening bell.

BigBen'sBathroomStall site profile image  

2/16/11 1:53 PM by BigBen'sBathroomStall

 I don't think they'll cut Hardy.  He's too much of a draw as a heel and he has a pretty good following among UK fans. 

GracieboyABS site profile image  

2/16/11 1:45 PM by GracieboyABS

Everyone with an ounce of MMA knowledge knows that it stands at 1 - 0 Condit after a viscous, viscous KO that will effectively send Hardy out of the UFC when Rumble does the same.Cut after this fight no doubt.

keepthechange site profile image  

2/16/11 1:36 PM by keepthechange

I bet hardy beats condit 0 out of 1 times and never fights him again


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