Silva's manager answers Fedor camp psychic charge

source: The Underground

Fedor Emelianenko's coach Vladimir Voronov recenty attrubuted Fedor's loss to "forbidden psychological technology… not ones that could be seen by the naked eye but psychological technologies that worked on both fighters at a distance." Below Bogfoot's manager Alex Davis answers the charge.

From: AJDavis
Member Since: 1/1/01
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Jeez!! I got cought! I will have to come out with the truth now! I hired a Macumbeiro ( Brazilian wicth dr) and we killed a black chicken on the cross roads. After this,over a few beers, I showed the witch Dr Fedors fights, and he was worried that a chicken wouldnt be anough, so we went out and killed a black goat , just to make sure! Very potent stuff! Realy messed Fedors brain waves up!

From: AJDavis
Member Since: 1/1/01
Posts: 440
We wanted to try that other military stuff Voronov is talking about,but its expensive technology and we were broke! The chicken and the goat came out way cheaper. Witch Dr is a friend, did it for a few beers and an autograph!

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I had a funny line about DruidTopTeam somebody deletedc'mon guys lighten up

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2/20/11 2:19 PM by DennisinRio

So that is what you do out in the rainfoest!  

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 hahahahahaha at werdum doll gif

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 nice GIF damn lol now you just need Fedor walking out of the dugout saying Hey Bartender, Jobu needs a ReFill!

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the true reason to the BigFoot performance

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I hate people who uses supernatural stuffs to cheat