Dana White: Boxing ticket price model doesn't work

source: usatoday.com

Sergio Non: You've had a string of sellouts lately. How has your average ticket price held up?

Dana WhiteVery well.

I don't want to do crazy, overpriced tickets like boxing does. Somebody asked me, "How come you guys don't do gates like boxing does? $20 million, $30 million gates?" Because boxing's a completely different model.

That model doesn't work. Real people buy tickets to the UFC events. These guys (in boxing) did all these events in Las Vegas, and the tickets were insanely priced where fans couldn't even buy them, and the casinos bought them all up.

We don't do that. We sold 55,000 tickets in Toronto to UFC fans.

SN: Ok, but if you can do a bigger live gate, why not do it?

DFW: I just don't think that's good for long term. I just don't think you do that. I don't think you charge that much money for tickets.

We already have one of the highest ticket prices in sports, if you look at our average ticket price, and we kill it.

I mean, how greedy are you going to get? (chuckles)

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Leghound site profile image  

2/17/11 4:54 PM by Leghound

I don't know that comparing UFC tix to football/basketball/whatever is the best comparison. It's one thing when you're in the same city every week/every other night and have 20-50k tickets to sell, a whole 'nother thing to be in a city once every X years

Ansari site profile image  

2/17/11 4:34 PM by Ansari


glupe site profile image  

2/17/11 4:14 PM by glupe

If they really wanted to, they could have doubled the price of seats in Toronto, and would have sold out just as easily. The really expensive floor seats could easily go for 2k each and would be sold just as fast. Toronto is a very wealthy business city, and people have a ton of money.

smoogy site profile image  

2/17/11 4:04 PM by smoogy

 There's nothing that says you can't be a scalper AND a UFC fan, so technically he is right?

Carl Weathers site profile image  

2/17/11 4:03 PM by Carl Weathers

Canadian's are retards though, it's a bad example

Ansari site profile image  

2/17/11 3:55 PM by Ansari


JimmersonzGlove site profile image  

2/17/11 2:52 PM by JimmersonzGlove

 Fluff article.

ChokeEmOut site profile image  

2/17/11 1:30 PM by ChokeEmOut

The UFC ticket prices are fucking high and the PPV is now $59.99 (HD). He likes to point the finger at Boxing all the while fucking people over on prices at the same time.

cletas site profile image  

2/17/11 1:27 PM by cletas

UFC 121 nose bleeds in the middle was 150 (brock v cain)UFC 104 nose bleeds 110 (machida v shogun 1)UFC jones v matyushenko 75 for decent seatsIf you buy them early not that bad but if you wait a few weeks before buying them your going to be paying alot more

KevinMcAllister site profile image  

2/17/11 1:23 PM by KevinMcAllister

surprised none of those "fans didnt buy em, scalpers did!" dummies have posted here yet.scalpers buy tickets to everything, you fucks.and the superbowl is filled up with corporate suits who got the tickets from their boss for their 1 billionth dollar earned. ufc isnt alone in having their tickets hi-jacked. thats how every concert/sporting event works.but...but the scalpers! mma fans as a whole love to nitpick about everything.