Big Foot Silva: I want to fight Barnett in the finals

by Steven Marrocco | source:

Silva next meets the winner of an upcoming quarterfinal bout between Fabricio Werdum and reigning Strikeforce heavyweight champion Alistair Overeem. He and Werdum are friends, but he said they've talked about the potential of fighting each other in the semifinals and have vowed to keep it professional.

"Bigfoot" already knows who he wants to fight in the finals, which is expected to take place late this year.

"If I could pick out of everybody, I'd like to face Josh Barnett," he said. "He rubbed me the wrong way. He doesn't talk to people. He's a little bit arrogant; he never says, 'Hi,' never shakes a hand. I think that even though we're fighters and fighting each other, we need to be friendly with each other. [Andrei] Arlovski's the same way, but he's already taken care of."

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minotauro11 site profile image  

2/20/11 12:10 AM by minotauro11

This talk about bigfoot being arrogant is stupid. I've met him twice, and both times he was willing to stop, talk to me, and take a picture with me and a few of my friends (separately). It isn't as though he owed me that, he just did it because he's the man. War Bigfoot!!! One of the nicest and most chill fighters I've ever met.

Poindexter site profile image  

2/19/11 10:39 PM by Poindexter

 Any of the potential matchups seem interesting to me.

nobones site profile image  

2/19/11 10:29 PM by nobones

 If this tournament comes down to Big Foot vs. Barnett it will have failed miserably.  I seriously would probably not even to bother to watch the finale live.  DVR that shit 4 later.

Victor Parlati site profile image  

2/19/11 9:33 PM by Victor Parlati

Give us the details about Armando Garcia and Josh Barnett? I remember hearing or reading something, but I never got it all. I do know that it was only after Josh told Dana White to stick it (about the UFC contract that White wanted Josh to sign)that his test results were released by White/Zuffa. There was definitely something shady about that. But I don't remember the Garcia connection to it?

savage animal site profile image  

2/19/11 7:26 PM by savage animal


brony site profile image  

2/19/11 5:28 PM by brony

are you saing that josh barnett is american, arrogant, and in your face?

brony site profile image  

2/19/11 5:27 PM by brony

every time he pissed hot was under shady circumstances and it benefited ufc in some way. now armando garcia works for zuffa.. this whole situation is just too shady to not give josh the benefit of the doubt

rhino x2 site profile image  

2/19/11 5:10 PM by rhino x2

Barnett is a tough game fighter. Also one of the few catch wrestlers. He seemed respectful to rodgers and the other sf gp guys. He is old school. Wins over big nog. Couture. Alex Emelinako. His grappling is top tier. His striking and GnP is dangerous. He is no slouch. Rodgers will be a tough strong opponent. He is a massive dude.Im a fan of Barnett and Rodgers it will be a good fight imo wont go the distance. Either barnett will tko or submit brett or grim connects with power punches

RyannVonREEMED site profile image  

2/19/11 5:06 PM by RyannVonREEMED

Affliction was dying and used Josh as a scape goat to go back to being the UFc's bitch.