WWE trying to stop MMA bill in Connecticut

by Daniela Altimari | source: courant.com

Mixed martial arts is currently not permitted in Connecticut. But the legislature is considering a bill that would sanction MMA matches -- provided they are regulated and the ticket revenue is taxed.

State Rep. Matthew Lesser, a Democrat from Middletown, has introduced Legislation that would open the door for Connecticut to join 46 other states that have legalized MMA, a sport that has moved from the edges to the mainstream in less than a decade.

The General Assembly's public safety committee is slated to hold a hearing on the bill Tuesday afternoon.

Lesser said he was spurred to raise the bill by a constituent who is an MMA fan.

"It doesn't seem to make sense to tell fans from Connecticut that they have to leave the state to watch it,'' he said during a brief interview Friday afternoon. MMA matches have been held at the state's casinos, but cannot be legally held elsewhere in Connecticut.

Lesser says MMA could also boost the state's bottom line. Taxes on MMA gate receipts could provide "a pretty significant economic boom,'' he said.

Massachusetts and Maine both recently legalized MMA, but New York is one of four states that has not. That provides an opportunity for Connecticut, given its proximity to the Empire State, Lesser said.

MMA's fan base overlaps with that of professional wrestling. Lesser said Connecticut-based World Wrestling Entertainment is lobbying against the MMA bill.

But WWE spokesman Robert Zimmerman said via email that the company is not opposed to "this or anything else the state wants to do with regards to sports or entertainment."

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blupitt site profile image  

2/20/11 12:35 PM by blupitt

I live in ct and linda McMahon just spent a ton of money to run for office and lost thank god she didn't get in apparently regardless bring the ufc bak to Foxwoods Indian grounds they can do what they want

jjj2121 site profile image  

2/20/11 11:32 AM by jjj2121

I'll wait for the dozens who jumped to conclusions (the majority of which I'm sure never took the time to read the article) to come back and admit they were wrong. The state rep has no reason to lie about this, WWE does.  

Kirik site profile image  

2/20/11 11:08 AM by Kirik


Jake Tyler site profile image  

2/19/11 11:52 PM by Jake Tyler

^^^^Pretty much this!

Kirik site profile image  

2/19/11 11:08 PM by Kirik

 A State Senator sponsors a bill FINALLY regulating MMA in Connecticut. He complains that the WWE is trying to stop it. WWE spokesperson says, via email "we are not even opposed to not opposing that or any opposition or oppositions on the position."  Please see image of President McMahon detailing his reasoned opposition to the bill. Anyone on this board who believes the WWE over a Senator sponsoring a bill to regulate MMA should take a nap before posting again.

PolloLoco site profile image  

2/19/11 10:08 PM by PolloLoco

Wow, all of those citing this UG News fail are freaking retards. Reading comprehension for the win.

Trainedwreck site profile image  

2/19/11 10:03 PM by Trainedwreck

If the are Lobbying I hope they get crushed for it.Speedo fags need to know their place.


2/19/11 9:52 PM by K-Dub-"T"

 lol. Now if only he would hit his email inbox once in a while......

SnapLocally site profile image  

2/19/11 9:47 PM by SnapLocally

If anything, the UFC should have a debt of gratitude to Vince for not vetoing TUF and all the subsequent and very direct success the UFC has had as a result. Well, TUF could've taken off on it's own on another time slot, but in my opinion they converted a lot of rasslin fans. 

theshooter site profile image  

2/19/11 8:24 PM by theshooter

If the WWE is really doing this then I am very disappointed in them. This could be the lowest thing they've ever done.