Coach: Florian gets title shot if be beats Nunes

by Eduardo Ferreira | source:

Kenny Florian recently announced he’s dropping from lightweight to featherweight. For his debut in the new weight class, Florian faces Diego Nunes, who’s coming off a win over the former champion Mike Brown.

André Pederneiras, Diego’s coach at Nova União, confirmed the bout for UFC 131, which is scheduled for June 11th, in Vancouver, Canada. “We’ve got the contract here, we’ve signed it and we’re sending it today for UFC”, confirmed Andre.

Kenny Florian was rumored to fight Jose Aldo before the UFC-WEC merger, and a win over Nunes could throw the American into the title contention in the featherweight division. “If Florian defeated Diego I believe the UFC would give him the title shot (against the winner of Aldo vs Mark Hominick). But, if Diego wins, I believe the UFC wouldn’t give him the title shot. I think he’d have to do one more fight before that”.

"if Diego wins, he’ll only fight for the belt if it’s not on Junior’s hands”, guarantees Pederneiras.

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Recent Comments »

Ep32nv site profile image  

2/21/11 9:59 PM by Ep32nv

Would it be guaranteed for Florian too? Nunez manager said it was for the title is that to say Kenny would get it for sure? Kenny would be a better fight at 145 after he wins a few and Aldo wins a fee, this way they fight and we can see a 155 title contender vs a 145 Champ moving up to 155.

RKing85 site profile image  

2/21/11 9:48 PM by RKing85

I too hope that Chad Mendes gets the next crack at Aldo. I'd like to see Florian get two wins at 145 before getting a title shot.

JeremyLambert88 site profile image  

2/21/11 9:08 PM by JeremyLambert88

I'd rather see Mendes fight Aldo than Florian or Nunes. Think he matches up better with Aldo, although I think Aldo beats all three.

ThinkMMA site profile image  

2/21/11 9:01 PM by ThinkMMA

Lame. Why does Kenny get a shot after 1 fight @ 145? He should have to beat a couple guys first.

Genious site profile image  

2/21/11 8:59 PM by Genious

Poor Kenny. If Aldo tools him will he try to make bantamweight?

Mr Sponge site profile image  

2/21/11 8:56 PM by Mr Sponge

Florian will dethrone aldo!!! WAR KENFLO!!!!!!!!!!

afflikshoN site profile image  

2/21/11 8:21 PM by afflikshoN

Florian > Nunes, Aldo > Florian.