James Toney: 'Dana White has been kissing my a**'

by Pedro Carrasco | source: bjpenn.com

“The UFC isn’t the fight game, it’s only a brand, and I don’t need the UFC. If anything the UFC is going to need me. If Rampage Jackson wants to fight me they are going to have to come see me one way or another. So I’m not really worried about all that.

I think Dana White the way he runs his mouth and talks about me he is just blowing smoke out his ass. I aint s******* you, because when he sees me he’s like, ‘Hi Champ how you doing?’ and he is always kissing my ass.”

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CLINTK9 site profile image  

2/25/11 10:36 AM by CLINTK9

itifferent than wanting to see guys who bang matched up with eachother. I love fights like Cro-Cop/Hunt, liddel/Vanderlai. Cause those guys bang and its exciting. More than watching a wrestler take down a striker and all we get is a little dry hump and G&P. Just want to see a guy in mma try to "Fight" him, clinching, kicking, knees whatever. just not IMMEDIATLY go for the takedown. Also would like to see Toney get another chance when his mind is on fighting not getting out of the octagon to call his accountant.

GIRTHMONKEY site profile image  

2/25/11 2:30 AM by GIRTHMONKEY

If Toney wants a straight up standup fight he should go to K1. he won't win,but at least he wont be submitted in A minute. i hate all that no one will stand with me talk. What he means is no one will BOX with him.If you want people to box with you then continue boxing. I say this being a huge toney fan. Its hard to be a great counter fighter when people are kicking you and trying to get a takedown. And at this point I see no need for him to keep getting beatdown in MMA. proves nothing.

CLINTK9 site profile image  

2/24/11 6:18 PM by CLINTK9

I say less than 250,000 without Couture/Toney!

CLINTK9 site profile image  

2/24/11 6:17 PM by CLINTK9


frontrowbrian site profile image  

2/24/11 2:16 PM by frontrowbrian

 James Toney is a big draw for the UFC. Without Toney at UFC 118, it's a 400,000 buy show because the main event was an immediate rematch with virtually zero intrigue to it. With Toney, it was 575,000. He more than earned his money. Only to have the IRS take it.

RIPLEY site profile image  

2/24/11 2:11 PM by RIPLEY

"He would have simply won with his boxing. It's hard to do that when all that's on your mind is getting out of there and running to your accountant."Awesome point. Toney would have used his shoulder roll against a world class wrestler. He would have gotten his shit pushed in by any NCAA heavyweight.

FadeToBlack site profile image  

2/24/11 1:38 PM by FadeToBlack

I'll never forget when Toney said "Mis inna bin shen is berkin moff lepy ackshin!" I agree with that sentiment.

Dougie site profile image  

2/24/11 1:27 PM by Dougie

Is he talking about having a poop?

CLINTK9 site profile image  

2/24/11 12:31 PM by CLINTK9

Toney's awesome! And got me very excited for ufc118! We all knew Couture would go for the takedown right away, asnd toney would lose, but the possibility of couture standing or clinching was also there, and Toney may have done ok if couture did that. Definitly want to see what toney can do up top with a guy like Rampage. I'd pay for that. I'm not even going to bother watching Page/Hamill. Hamill sucks and is Very Boring. Alot of TUF noobs on here. This is Pride style freak show all over again, and its Awesome! You guys can have your boring Rivera's, Fitch's, and Okami's boring their way into title fights.

Jmunzies site profile image  

2/24/11 11:58 AM by Jmunzies

Well consider me educated now. Either way my point remains the same but thanks for the info.