Hallman: BJ Penn losing his 155 pound title wasn’t anything

source: bjpenn.com

Dennis Hallman:

Losing his 155 pound title wasn’t anything. He is still considered by everyone the number 1 contender at 155. For him to go in and knock out a hall of famer in basically one exchange that earns him the chance to fight the number 2 guy in the weight class.

He has earned the right to fight anyone, anywhere and I don’t think he has to climb the rankings of anything.

After knocking out Hughes so fast I wouldn’t see a problem if the UFC wanted to give him a rematch with GSP right away.

As far as the fight with Fitch, it’s the same thing I always say about BJ fights. It depends on which BJ shows up. If it’s the BJ Penn that all the fans love shows up then Fitch is going to have a really rough night. It’s always about what BJ does it’s not really about what his opponent does.

That’s kind of my way of putting the fight. If BJ puts every ounce of his energy into beating Jon Fitch than I don’t think Jon Fitch has much of a chance.

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Jaybrone site profile image  

2/26/11 9:04 AM by Jaybrone

<blockquote>WRESTLENOW - "BJ only loses when he wants to lose, all other MMA fighters should be thankful that great King BJ has shown mercy to them by not training hard and sparing them his wrath."<br /><br />- the ug</blockquote><br /><br /><br />This is so true and if you don't agree you are ignorant and dont know MMA. -BJ Penn fans.

Gokudamus stole my name site profile image  

2/26/11 8:14 AM by Gokudamus stole my name

"The better fighter on any given night is the fighter that WINS (barring a bullshit decision or freak occurrence like Vitor Randy). Obviously a big part of being the better fighter is preparation, so if if Penn is not well prepared he is a lesser fighter. Its pretty simple logic. That does not speak to POTENTIAL. Potential is different: when Penn is at his best he can hang with anyone at 155 or 170. At less than his best he can beat most."Except BJ even at his fullest potential can be beaten. That is the problem i have with your reasoning. Its a convenient excuse. Anytime he has lost it was because he was not at his best rather than his opponent being better than BJ even at his bestI wouldnt say shit if BJ beats Fitch, anyone can beat anyone in MMA. But i wouldnt go around claiming oh it was only because Fitch was not fighting at his full potential, he had a shitty camp, his new diet made him weakif BJ wins, he is the better man

WarBJPenn site profile image  

2/26/11 1:54 AM by WarBJPenn

fitch = wet blanketBJ = WAR!!!

SeditiousViciousness site profile image  

2/26/11 1:42 AM by SeditiousViciousness

Once again someone who apparently knows exactly how it's going to go down. People should just accept that you can't predict anything in MMA and STFU.

stillmatic site profile image  

2/26/11 1:40 AM by stillmatic

Sure, you can give Fitch the cardio edge. It didn't help Hughes or Sanchez much when they kept getting beaten to the punch and having their takedowns stuffed. If it becomes a grind, Fitch is probably winning the fight anyways regardless of whether BJ gassed out or not.Reach isn't as big a factor when there is a big speed advantage. It's not like BJ will be sitting at the end of Fitch's reach and eating jabs. He will get inside, slip and counter. The key will be for BJ to avoid getting taken down when he's coming with his punches. Fitch isn't really the explosive type to get takedowns this way generally though as he prefers body locks in the clinch. BJ can close the distance very quickly though and Fitch is hittable. Mike Pierce even had him on queer street and he is by no means a striker.

wreckker site profile image  

2/26/11 1:18 AM by wreckker

 REACH is a huge factor and CARDIO  also wtresting for control fitch has the advanatge in all these areas. Only thing i dont like is that he doesnt as biog a size advantage as he did

stillmatic site profile image  

2/26/11 12:59 AM by stillmatic

The closest comparable opponent BJ has fought to Fitch is Hughes. Diego Sanchez is also kind of similar as well, but in terms of size and strength, Hughes is closer. BJ for the most part has handled Hughes in all 3 fights aside from the second fight where I would say it's pretty clear a rib injury hindered his performance. Is Fitch really better than Hughes? I'm not 100% sure about that. Fitch is a better defensive fighter when it comes to striking, but I think his wrestling is about the same level, Hughes possibly better and they're about the same size. Hughes is probably even stronger. BJ had no problem stuffing Hughes' shots for the most part in the second fight. People keep saying Hughes is shot, but who has he lost to? He lost to Alves who came in overweight in a fight that Hughes took on short notice. Hughes was also winning the fight before getting clipped. He's lost to GSP who has beaten everyone and BJ. He's not losing to chumps, so he's not shot like people think. he is not in his prime anymore, but can still give most fighters a very tough fight.It's funny that so many people are picking Fitch when he only really has one way to win this fight. He has to get the takedown and grind BJ down to win. BJ can knock him out, take him down/sweep and submit him, finish with GNP, counter-strike and out-box Fitch for the decision. I just don't buy that Fitch's wrestling is that dominant that he can easily get the takedown and control BJ on the ground like everyone seems to think.

wreckker site profile image  

2/26/11 12:37 AM by wreckker

 I like dennis but he is completely wrong on thi sone

WRESTLENOW site profile image  

2/26/11 12:06 AM by WRESTLENOW

"BJ only loses when he wants to lose, all other MMA fighters should be thankful that great King BJ has shown mercy to them by not training hard and sparing them his wrath."- the ug

Clarence Parents site profile image  

2/25/11 6:05 PM by Clarence Parents

I for one wouldn't mind a focused BJ