NJSACB: Fedor will honor suspension, withdraws from sambo tournament

source: mmajunkie.com

Lembo said he was contacted this past Friday by M-1 Global about Emelianenko's plans and said he explained the terms of the suspension.

"There was some confusion since it was the first time they were dealing with a commission-issued medical suspension, and the confusion surrounded whether the 90 days stays in effect if he provided a clear CT scan of the head and facial bones," Lembo said. "He has provided the required CT scan, and that's under medical review."

Lembo said Emelianenko's suspension could be upheld, reduced, or removed depending on the recommendation of NJSACB doctors. He added that fighters who competed under medical suspension typically had their fight license revoked for one year in addition to being placed on a national registry that would in all likelihood bar them from competing in states with athletic commissions.

"It's my understanding that they are going to honor the suspension and he is not going to compete," Lembo said.

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Recent Comments »

Gingerman site profile image  

2/26/11 12:40 PM by Gingerman

its truly sad that deciding factor as whether fedor will fight or not is the money opposed to health and recovery. has anyonesen anyrecent photos of fedor.. he still looks like he got shit kicked out of him.

Cyril Jeff site profile image  

2/25/11 10:47 AM by Cyril Jeff

 I hadn't thought about the co-promotion angle, it sure expands the reach of local commissions though, a commission in Jersey affecting a tourney in Russia, crazy...  

TheNiceGuy site profile image  

2/25/11 10:47 AM by TheNiceGuy

That's fucking low. Guido faggots.

Monsters Ball site profile image  

2/25/11 10:39 AM by Monsters Ball

No. Fedor stands to make a lot of money fighting in the USA. They don't want to risk that. Plus when he fights it becomes an M-1 co-promotion so they don't want to risk that either.

Cyril Jeff site profile image  

2/25/11 10:32 AM by Cyril Jeff

nobody else is shocked by this?

BobD site profile image  

2/25/11 10:20 AM by BobD

 From Fedor's twitter account at 4:43 AM EST 2/25/11 (Google Translation): Unfortunately, miss the championship of Russia, as the athletic commission does not give the nod to participate. Rules are rules, we respect them

Cyril Jeff site profile image  

2/25/11 9:17 AM by Cyril Jeff

when you think about it, this sets a pretty broad precedent... fighter from X country, fights in the States, gets a medical suspension from a US/State Govt Agency, fighter travels home to X country and the US/State Govt Agency is still monitoring their activities? wild stuff... would love to get Mr. Kizer's take on this. <enter FRBrian>

Gingerman site profile image  

2/25/11 1:58 AM by Gingerman

they may wear head gear in sambo but thats not keep you bell from being rung, specially if he is mildly concussed. smart move not competing, probably the smartest descion that has ever come from m1. im actaully surprised that they even considered having him compete. fedor is m1's greatest assest you would assume retirement or not that they would want to protect him especailly after the beating he took. imo the honouring of the suspesnion has nothing to do with fedor's health, it was probably purely on the basis that he would be barred from competing in the states for a year which would cut into m1's profitability. i would much rather see fedor heal up and take his next fight at 100 percent and to be quite honest i would like to see him finish his career as a LHW