Mousasi vs. Gracie rumored for April 9th Strikeforce

by Damon Martin | source:

The latest fight in talks for the card pits former light heavyweight champion Gegard Mousasi against multiple time grappling champion Roger Gracie.

While no bout agreements have been issued, sources have indicated to that the fighters have at least verbally agreed to the match-up at this point.

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Christian_ site profile image  

2/25/11 9:41 PM by Christian_

roger needs to work on his upkick defense

eljamaiquino site profile image  

2/25/11 7:27 PM by eljamaiquino

I thought Prangley would be a way harder matchup because Prangley honestly has much better wrestling than Mousasi. And Strikeforce doesn't have a bunch of fights to ive people. Didn't they cut galvao after one loss? It's obvious that they have neither the time nor money to baby their fighters. Nice step up for Gracie and very winnable for him IMO. If he took down Prangley so easily, Mousasi will be a breeze provided Roger keeps his hands up.....

sanguine cynic site profile image  

2/25/11 6:39 PM by sanguine cynic

Mousasi is as well rounded as it gets. He reminds me of 205 pound Fedor stylistically. KO power...absolutely vicious GNP and good subs.

Mark Hunter site profile image  

2/25/11 6:20 PM by Mark Hunter

So it sounds like the talk about him having no ground game is nonsense, although I don't think even an above-average ground game gets you through a round with Roger. I really didn't care about the fight that much when I first read the post, but now it sounds like it might turn out pretty good. Now they just need to sign it . . .

pinkston83 site profile image  

2/25/11 6:07 PM by pinkston83

huge step up in competition, to big a step if you ask me...Im a fan of both but at this stage in the game ive got to go with Mousasi

BradGluckman site profile image  

2/25/11 6:06 PM by BradGluckman

Fight experience is irrelevant if your past your prime just ask Ken Shamrock

Mark Hunter site profile image  

2/25/11 5:59 PM by Mark Hunter

You do understand that we were talking about fight experience, rather than being in-your-prime versus past-your-prime, right? I understand you're trying to be clever and all, but pay attention next time before spouting off like a douche . . . seriously. Now back to the issue . . . stoked if the fight happens.

Wasa-B site profile image  

2/25/11 5:56 PM by Wasa-B

No, Moussasi being one dimesional is not the consensus...or if it is, it shouldnt be. Just cuz some UGers think they know everything about a fighter from 1-2 fights does not make it so.Moussasi's strength is his striking (he is more of most technical strikers in MMA) and though I wouldnt say he is an elite subgrappler, he is not bad either. He submitted BJJ BB Denis Kang with a triangle (whether it was a brain fart on Kang's part or not), swept Sokodjou and finished TKO'ed with GNP, TKO'ed BJJ BB Babalu with GNP....Also, though the fight showed he needed to improve his TDD and SNB game, King Mo iirc was a world champ freestyle wrestler or somewhere up there. Roger, while not having bad tds, is not near King Mo's td ability.And Roger would only have more trouble with a wrestler if his striking was good enough and his sub defense was good enough. Moussasi has first rate striking, not so good wrestling, pretty good ground game.

Zamiel site profile image  

2/25/11 5:51 PM by Zamiel

Yeah, I'm just saying that, if it goes bad for Roger I think it would only be a minor setback in that regard, which a couple wins would easily solve. ...though it's always nice to have that goose egg in the loss column, no doubt.

Truemanc3 site profile image  

2/25/11 5:43 PM by Truemanc3

It is a test for Roger......But the right test!Lets see what he has.My bet is... if it hits the floor it will be over!