Phil Baroni defends Michael Bisping

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Get off Bispings CASE

From: PhilBaroni
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Bisping kicked Rivera's ass, after a bad blood, bitter rival prefight campain instigated by Rivera and his camp. Why does Mike have to kiss and make up with Rivera after he smashes him? WTF? WHY?

Mike beat his ass broke him physically and even more mentally. Case closed. They had annomisity and hatred for each other prefight.

If you want to talk shit prefight, insult, make videos, ect in order to promote YOURSELF the fight or what ever thats your choice.

But after the guy kicks your ass he dont have to be you be your best friend and hug it out with you. Dont expect it to be water under the bridge esp after a one sided affair.

Mike deserves a congratulations for stopping Rivera, putting him in his place, and beating a good fighter with alot of mommentum.

Mike came to fight and got the victory with ease.

Mike took care of his business and and deserves credit for fighting really good last night.



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Gamestop site profile image  

6/22/13 10:19 PM by Gamestop

Phil, come on down and see Matt. He'll set you with some hot releases while you recover.   AND NO THIS IS NOT THE GAMESTOP STORE

Gingerman site profile image  

3/13/11 10:13 PM by Gingerman


jimbobyeaboy site profile image  

3/11/11 10:43 PM by jimbobyeaboy

Phil: you should probably stop worrying what we think about other fighters and start focusing on your own shabby career.

jimbobyeaboy site profile image  

3/11/11 10:20 PM by jimbobyeaboy

Bisping should stop ducking good fighters.

Gingerman site profile image  

3/11/11 9:33 PM by Gingerman

VTFU! I agree with this 100%

Dogman site profile image  

3/10/11 9:13 PM by Dogman

classy supports classy

TheSliceman site profile image  

3/10/11 7:18 PM by TheSliceman

In no way, form, mathematical equation, geometric shape, or dimension will Bisping ever beat Hendo in the battle, war, ect..Funny Vitor is chomping at the bit to fight Bisping so he can Hendo him. lol.And,, God Save the Queen, you are the worst troll on this forum.

brotha lynch hung site profile image  

3/10/11 6:55 PM by brotha lynch hung

hendo without a doubt caused brain damage on bisping. Your brain smashes into your skull when you get concussed. He got the worse kind of concussion you can get, lights out. Then he recieved another lights out blow while the lights were already out. I will be shocked if bisping doesnt end up with parkinsons by the time hes 45. Henderson won the battle, the war, the game of scrabble, tiddley winks, the whole fucking 9 yards. Ya dig?

suess site profile image  

3/10/11 2:54 PM by suess

 yes, saying he got brain damage = wishing brain damage on him.  has hendo punched you in the fkin head, by chance?   just an educated guess, bro.  no offense meant :)

superCalo site profile image  

3/10/11 2:52 PM by superCalo

This guy on here wishing brain damage on a martial artist, no matter how much you dislike someone this kind of thing is wrong, mods can we get this guy banned, its just so wrong and sick what he is saying.