Ref: Rivera would have won if he chose to stop


UFC 127 referee Marc Goddard:

“When a fighter is fouled [groin shot, eye poke, head kick/knee when grounded etc] untentionally or otherwise it is not as simple as a straight DQ. Fighters get the chance to recuperate and recover unless it a straight fight ending scenario ie KO, cut, broken bone, dislocation etc. Doctors are called for an expert medical opinion and assessment.

“Fighters are, should, and must be asked the question "can you continue?" - this is to judge coherency and to give that fighter the option of not fighting on due to the foul that they have been subject to… I have had plenty of fighters choose not to continue. This, in the event of an intentional foul, awards them the DQ win.”

“If when Jorge was asked the question he said no, or I judged him as unsteady or in my experience unable to continue then the fight is waved off and he would have been awarded the win via DQ. Exactly the same steps, method and application should the foul have been the other way around would have been applied.

“Jorge was taken to the hospital immediately after his fight. He was released straight away after being again seen by doctors and there was no concussion incurred.”

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Archer0545 site profile image  

3/3/11 4:04 PM by Archer0545

Honestly, I don't care one way or another about Rivera.  I said over and over I thought he'd probably lose and didnt care one way or another other than loving the idea of your little lord Fauntleroy getting starched by a journeyman.    My guess is he would have too if not for his desperate Illegal knee to try and gain an advantage.  You know I dont stand for shit behavior no matter who does it.  If it had been a Brazillian, or an American I'd have taken the same stance.  The thing is you dont have enough integrity to admit that what  Bisping did was stupid, childish and immature.   The stupid ass videos were nothing but 2nd rate attempts at humor and to hype a fight.  If Bisping took them serious (which he obviously did) then it just shows he is weak mentally and will always be suceptible to mental warfare.  He is totally without class, honour or dignity.  

ZugZug site profile image  

3/3/11 3:14 PM by ZugZug

I agree.

Coolface_Awesomeson site profile image  

3/3/11 2:48 PM by Coolface_Awesomeson

You post stupid things.

sgotwalks site profile image  

3/3/11 2:38 PM by sgotwalks

Rivera would have lost for not fighting on. By fighting on he will get a one free pass from the UFC when it comes time to cut him. Had he quit in the co-main event he would have been black balled for fucking up the event, cause that's how they roll. Lets face it, the knee hit him in the hardest part of the forehead (known as the headbutt zone). Had it been the other way around and it was his knee on Bispings forhead he probably would have quit for the sake of his broken knee cap. Either way, he was about to get a beatdown. As it turns out he will receive some love from the UFC for fighting on in a crucial fight to their card. He wins!

BruceLeeMMAfighting site profile image  

3/3/11 2:32 PM by BruceLeeMMAfighting

That punk, Jorge Rivera did so much smack talking before the fight that he put himself in a position where he couldn't puss out with the DQ. That's basically why he continued.

michaelkaras site profile image  

3/3/11 2:30 PM by michaelkaras

people act like bisping is so important.hes not even amounting to shit...i dont understand why this is the brits great hope at all.

TehUG site profile image  

3/3/11 2:28 PM by TehUG

bisping is boring will never get a title and is just put on ppvs to waste time... fire him DFW.

DiscoNfrno site profile image  

3/3/11 1:41 PM by DiscoNfrno

Knees to the head on the ground should be legal anyway.

GodSaveTheQueen site profile image  

3/3/11 1:18 PM by GodSaveTheQueen

Bisping didn't grab the cage. It looked like he did, but really he was just flippling off Rivera's cornermen.

suess site profile image  

3/3/11 1:11 PM by suess

 look at all the force he is putting into those punches and still couldn't knock him out.