Lesnar vs. Dos Santos official to headline UFC 131 in Vancouver

source: ufc.com

The long running competition reality series features heavyweight contenders Brock Lesnar and Junior Dos Santos as coaches. Lesnar and dos Santos will meet in the Octagon at UFC 131 on June 11th from the Rogers Arena in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada to decide who will face Cain Velasquez for the heavyweight championship.

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role model site profile image  

3/6/11 2:38 AM by role model

So awesome... Don't count Brock out guys- If Brock can take Cain down HW sure as fuck can take JDS down- difference being JDS won't make standing up from underneath a 280 lbs monster look easy like Cain did

Mushroom Slap site profile image  

3/6/11 2:34 AM by Mushroom Slap

2 whole entire fights i want to see

ChiTown Philly site profile image  

3/6/11 2:18 AM by ChiTown Philly

Brock gets hurt in training n jds vs carwin main event ???

Wasa-B site profile image  

3/6/11 1:26 AM by Wasa-B

Republican Healthcare: the Privlege.

Wasa-B site profile image  

3/6/11 1:25 AM by Wasa-B

I think you are overestimating Brock's GNP finishing ability on his 1 win vs the GNP TKO prone Mir. Not to say Brock aint a smasher on the ground but even if Brock gets a td right away in R1, he may not finish, JDS gets a free standup every 5 min.....JDS td defense is not bad but obviously Brock should be able to take him down but JDS also has more punching power than Cain where Cain has the superior wrestling. However, Cain used a basic butterfly guard to standup from Brock too. Anyhow, i think either guy can win but I weigh on JDS's finishing ability vs Brock's timid standup.

EPGScott site profile image  

3/5/11 12:03 AM by EPGScott

I am game to do a 30 or 60 day screen name bet on this one, I'll take Brock if K-Dub takes JDS.Let me know if your game

EPGScott site profile image  

3/5/11 12:02 AM by EPGScott

Big difference.... Cain is a legit D1 wrestler who is use to having big HWT's trying to take him down. JDS is a BJJ guy who doesn't have gorillas taking him down for the past 10+ years.


3/4/11 11:47 PM by K-Dub-"T"

He shot for a takedown straight away on Cain also. He got up and KHTFO. I don't see it going any different, as JDS will, as the Brazlians say, "give him some good punches".

EPGScott site profile image  

3/4/11 11:22 PM by EPGScott

No he will ask Dana to take his private plane and fly back to MN, lol.I don't see JDS winning this match, look at who he beat:WerdumStruveMirkoYvelGonzagaNelsonI don't see anyone that would of beat Brock.People talk about Carwin and Cain fight but they fail to mention both of those guys are legit high level wrestlers who can strike and stuff the takedown. I can't see JDS stopping the take down and once he is down he is gonna be in trouble. People also say Brock don't like getting hit, which is true but I can't see JDS KO'ing Brock with one punch and I don't think Brock is gonna stand and trade with him. He will shoot for a takedown right away.Just my opinion, super excited for the fight.


3/4/11 10:43 PM by K-Dub-"T"

 So after Swock gets a beating... will he be taken to a Canadian hospital?