Diego Sanchez: That war was pure ecstacy

source: ufc.com

"I’m feeling the pure ecstasy of having a war ... A lot of UFC fighters, we dream about going in there and finishing a fight in the first round. But it’s the fights like I had tonight that when you’re an old man you’re like, 'Yeah, yeah, that was a war'.

"You get to call up Martin Kampmann when were like 65 and be like, 'remember when we threw those hooks in the ring?' Those are the wars and the one’s you don’t forget. Whether you’re cut or your hurt ... you don’t forget these no matter what, and they’re fun.

"The whole fight was, ‘It’s going to land, it’s going to land, it’s going to land.’ I was planning on landing that right hook and dropping him. 'It’s going to land, it’s going to land.’ It landed a couple of times but he didn’t drop.

"When it all comes down to it I kind of threw the game plan out the window and made it a street fight, and that’s what I did honestly."

"My plans are to eat green chill chicken chiladas ... hitting the gym ... running my mountains. I promise I’m going to have a very fast recovery.

"Jesus Christ is going to heal me. I’m going to be back in the Octagon soon."

"I love you all my fans out there."


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drrilll site profile image  

3/6/11 2:45 AM by drrilll

Great fight but Kampmann got robbed. And on a related topic, this whole business of getting one takedown and stealing the round is frigging ridiculous. If you get a takedown and do nothing with it it should count for nothing. I am a fan of wrestling in MMA but takedowns are not the holy grail of an MMA fight.

RyannVonREEMED site profile image  

3/5/11 5:13 PM by RyannVonREEMED

Watching Inside MMA from last night.. Deigo is fucking delusional. "Let him get a couple wins and see if he's worthy of a rematch." WTF? lol okay

diggity site profile image  

3/5/11 4:46 PM by diggity

Diego fought his heart out... of his face. great fight, great fighter. good to get the stink of spitsbing away.

kingbisping site profile image  

3/5/11 1:31 PM by kingbisping

diego is my favfighter by far you just know he is gonna bring it win lose or draw everytime he steps into the octagon. he tries to finish fights unlike alot of fighters out there

Tkelly647 site profile image  

3/5/11 1:23 PM by Tkelly647

 The inference being that you believe one jab counts for more than one power punch? YA i'm the dumb one

sacredhate site profile image  

3/5/11 12:52 PM by sacredhate

Dana paying dues and respect to each fighter make it much better. I like Kampmann a lot and would hate for his last 2 fights against Shields and Diego which were losses to put him back in the standing when arguably the decisions could have gone either way and he proved more about how good he is in each loss than the other way around.Huge Kampmann fan...and I was starting to dislike Diego but this fight and his post fight interview have made me a fan again.

LiverpoolFC site profile image  

3/5/11 11:01 AM by LiverpoolFC

Mum and dad

BuddyRevell site profile image  

3/5/11 11:00 AM by BuddyRevell

Although, in a street fight, Kampmann would've been able to knee him in the head when his hand was on the ground.  

diggity site profile image  

3/5/11 8:20 AM by diggity

even jesus scored the fight for kampman.

Jambo888 site profile image  

3/5/11 5:59 AM by Jambo888

what's a joke about that? you're not always going to out skill your opponent. so he changed it up and it won him the fight