Pulver wins again in Illinois

by Brendhan Conlan | source: fiveouncesofpain.com

Building off his victory at a Chicago-area event in January, Pulver beat Wade Choate by way of split decision this past Saturday night at Chicago Cagefighting Championship’s show in Villa Park, Illinois.

Though Choate is only 13-13 in his career it should be said Pulver injured his foot in the opening round. While the extent of the damage was not revealed pictures of Pulver’s foot showed significant swelling/bruising.

The win brought Pulver’s overall record to 24-14-1 and added to a resume already including impressive names like Caol Uno and B.J. Penn.

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Recent Comments »

slo ko site profile image  

3/7/11 7:23 PM by slo ko

This. You nailed it. The only difference is that I wish he'd get a good coaching gig. He's a great coach.  

KPK site profile image  

3/7/11 6:59 PM by KPK

I don't know what it is about Jens or his story, but I want that dude to win every time. Great to hear he looked good in the fight.

theemb site profile image  

3/7/11 6:18 PM by theemb

Jens fought one hell of a fight. Can't wait for the foot to heal and see him back in the cage again. Also, his documentary is awesome!

Fillups422 site profile image  

3/7/11 5:47 PM by Fillups422

you can see Jens' left foot is all screwed up, but he's still putting weight on it. Wade nailed Jens with a really hard shot to the jaw as well.

pulvera site profile image  

3/7/11 5:40 PM by pulvera

Nice Photo. Too bad it isn't when Jens high kicked him in the noggin though. The more I think about that fight, the more I realize that Choate really did take some hard shots. Man!

Hobnobb site profile image  

3/7/11 5:06 PM by Hobnobb

TTT for Jens!!!!Congrats!!!

Fillups422 site profile image  

3/7/11 4:51 PM by Fillups422

Jens' footwork didnt miss a beat. I couldnt believe he broke his foot in the first. He must've saw something with Choate because he was unloading HUGE lefts over and over. Jens looked in phenomenal shape, his striking looked as good as it ever had, maybe even better.I got a chance to talk to Mrs. Pulver for quite a while after the show. Both Jens and his wife are great people. He definitely does not deserve the criticism he gets from people on here. Who are any of us to tell him to hang it up? If he loves fighting, let him fight.Here is another pic from the fight my cousin took. (Abel if you remember, she was the woman photographer there)http://i814.photobucket.com/albums/zz64/Fillups78/IMG_4062.jpg

pulvera site profile image  

3/7/11 4:34 PM by pulvera

^^^I will admit that I was rushing towards the cage shouting a little about the F tard trying to rob my brother until I heard the other 2 cards and realized it only takes 2 judges to win a fight. Duh Abel.

matt murdock site profile image  

3/7/11 4:25 PM by matt murdock

Jens clearly won. I started to leave immediately after the fight thinking there was no reason to stick around for an obvious judges decision. As I was waling out the door I heard the announcer say judge so and so gives it to Choate. I couldn't believe it. If Jens would have lost a terrible decision it would have been heart breaking. He clearly won.