Rivera's camp: OK if Bisping thrown out of the UFC

by Dan Duggan | source: bostonherald.com

The pre-fight trash talk between Jorge Rivera and Michael Bisping carried over into the Octagon and exploded when Bisping drilled Rivera with a knee to the head midway through the first round.

Rivera’s manager, Lex McMahon, called for action against Bisping:
“Mr. Bisping is a professional fighter. He needs to be able to differentiate between a downed opponent and a non-downed opponent. If he can’t do that, he needs to not be in this sport. His conduct was irrational, hot-headed and incredibly unprofessional.”

After referee Marc Goddard stopped the fight, Bisping allegedly spit in the direction of Rivera's boxing coach, Matt Phinney.

Bisping claims he didn’t spit on Phinney. Rivera’s camp disagrees. Video shows Bisping spitting, but not where it landed.

UFC president Dana White said Bisping will be punished for intentionally delivering the illegal knee. White also voiced his displeasure with Bisping’s post-fight antics.

“Mr. Bisping needs to be suspended and fined,” McMahon said. “Frankly, I wouldn’t be upset to see him thrown out of the UFC. His actions aren’t acceptable. If MMA is a growing sport, its fighters need to be role models. It’s one thing to promote a fight, but it’s an entirely different matter altogether to act in an unprofessional manner that places the health and welfare of a competitor in jeopardy."

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Winnson site profile image  

3/9/11 12:41 PM by Winnson

Let's be honest.  How many people in this thread actually read the article?  I'm betting less than 20% of the posters in this thread.

CLINTK9 site profile image  

3/9/11 12:38 PM by CLINTK9

I HATE Bisping, but he doesnt deserve anything more than a fine!

Tkelly647 site profile image  

3/9/11 12:33 PM by Tkelly647

 And settled for a no contest? When he felt like he could continue and still have a chance of winning? Why?

octopus101 site profile image  

3/9/11 9:50 AM by octopus101

Bisping got way too emtional its true he acted like a jerk but put yourself on his shoes rivera talked all kinds of trash insultins british calling hima pussy making an idiot of him its only understandable that he acted like that i just think that peple are crying about this just because he is either loverd o hated by half the people. Bisping should be pnalised no doubt but laid off the ufc no way.

undisputed1972 site profile image  

3/9/11 7:41 AM by undisputed1972

I was appalled at Bisping's behaviour but he should be allowed to continue in the UFC. He should fight someone else who's in title contention though, Sonnen or Okami.

myee8 site profile image  

3/9/11 5:14 AM by myee8

Let's face it, Rivera's camp bit off more they can chew and now are milking it for all it's worth. I wonder how the view is on the moral high chair they are on. What's that saying again: "Those in glass houses shouldn't throw stones"?

daniel f site profile image  

3/9/11 4:09 AM by daniel f

Haters gonna hate

chroniccomics5 site profile image  

3/9/11 12:32 AM by chroniccomics5

Rivera will be tossed before Bisping

ZugZug site profile image  

3/8/11 10:01 PM by ZugZug

Seems like a calm response to his claim that you're an idiot (which you are). Words must not be as damaging as you're trying to imply.