Do PPV sales have too much influence over UFC title shots?

by Tim Davey | source:

The popular opinion used to be that mixed martial arts was nothing more than a spectacle for the bloodthirsty masses, whilst it is now rightly respected as a legitimate sport around the world.

However, there is still one area that needs to be addressed in order to ensure that the integrity of the sport cannot be called into question—the determining of the top contenders.

At this point, there seems to be too much inconsistency in determining who gets to fight for titles and it must be addressed in order to prevent the credibility of the sport being called into question.

There is little doubt that the UFC put too much emphasis on pay per view sales when setting title fights. Popular and exciting fighters do not need to prove themselves as much as others before securing shots at belts, which is unfair on other fighters who often have superior records.

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slamming site profile image  

3/9/11 6:30 AM by slamming

Who wants to pay to see someone they do not want to see? Way to miss the point. The current prizefighting model is the way it should be.

GodSaveTheQueen site profile image  

3/9/11 6:11 AM by GodSaveTheQueen

Seriously now. Trying to pass these Bleacher Report blog posts off as "news" stories is taking the piss. Whenever I do a google news search I skip over anything with Bleacher Report in the title. FFS!

KrmtDfrog site profile image  

3/9/11 4:59 AM by KrmtDfrog

If a sporting celebrity from some other athletic area (yes, yes, pro wrestling isn't a sport, i know) came into boxing and competed successfully at the highest levels off the bat AND HAD THE CURRENT CHAMP ASK TO FIGHT HIM, then yea, it would happen. People forget that Couture wanted the Lesnar fight to get that ppv $$.If Ray Lewis went into pro boxing and decisioned some lower top10 fighter... Chambers? Boystov? Arreola? after losing to some top5 or so guy in a competitive fight... Haye? Chagaev? and one of the Klitschko brothers wanted to fight him, you're damned right he'd get that shot. Arum and King would be shitting their pants at that revenue.A couple other counterpoints to this is the Jon Jones/Phil Davis approach, where the UFC has basically followed that path, pairing them up against the lower levels of the UFC until, at least in Jones' case, he's at the deserved title level. Davis has spent time fighting the Gustafssons and Wallaces of the promotion and now gets a Nogueira. This approach goes way too far in boxing imo. People get 20, 30+ wins fighting cans and journeymen.

KrmtDfrog site profile image  

3/9/11 4:46 AM by KrmtDfrog

aaaaaand big fights never happen in MMA? or did you completely miss the obvious sarcasm?

Humphrey site profile image  

3/9/11 4:43 AM by Humphrey

So ALL pro sports must not be businessnes. Since they are 100% based on merit. right? the UFC is the only thing outside of boxing that pretends to be a sport where people excel that have excellent skills and earn it, but in reality are only there because they draw crowds. The UFC is nowhere near a sport. and as much as people hate to think about it, the IFL is the ONLY MMA org to date that was a real sport league using MMA as the base. The UFC is an entertainment company utilizing a the sport of MMA. Now that doesn't mean there's anything wrong with their model, but don't pretend it's something it's not. Dana calls the UFC a league frequently and nothing could be further from the truth. if it were a league, Joe Silva wouldn't have a job because there'd be no such thing as a match maker. it would work like a ladder. Kind of like they pretend it does 

Korpiklaani site profile image  

3/9/11 4:28 AM by Korpiklaani

thats one thing i miss about boxing is watching the young guy rise up in the ranks, after a few years of working hard, then eventually getting the big title shot, in mma its kinda all over the place, do u thikn brock could have done in boxing what he was allowed to do in mma? basic free pass to the title, i dont think so

Dono site profile image  

3/9/11 3:42 AM by Dono

Big fights happen all the time in Boxing, don't be an idiot.

RML site profile image  

3/9/11 3:38 AM by RML

I want Dana and Joe Silva to keep making the fights that they think the fans want to see.  When I watch MMA it is to be entertained.  I don't care so much about rankings.  The loose system in place now is fine.

Captain America site profile image  

3/9/11 3:12 AM by Captain America

PPV sells AND fighters' skill determine title shots. It's a two edged sword, if it was based purely on accomplishments, GSP'd fight Fitch every third time out, no one wants that (not even big Fitch fans like myself), but watching guys like Fitch, Machida, Maynard and Rashad go 6, 7, 8-0 without a title shot is bullshit. There NEEDS to be a compromise for the UFC to run effectively, but at the moment they're leaning too far towards drawing power.

32Hunter site profile image  

3/9/11 2:36 AM by 32Hunter

 you're crazy baseball was at an all time high going into the lockout what almost killed baseball was the owners.