Dan Hardy suggest at least 9 judges for MMA

by Gareth A Davies | source: telegraph.co.uk

Judging in MMA remains one of the most contentious areas within the sport. It remains open to debate. Every other week we hear ‘robbery’ when results are announced .  Barely a week goes by without the subject being debated, and there are times when scoring and judging in MMA appears to be a dark, muddy mire.

Hardy thinks no less than nine judges should be used for MMA fights, and believes that as the sport progresses, ex-fighters should join the ranks of judges, and gain schooling at seminars.  Hardy also revealed that he, too, would like to be involved as an official, judging fights when his career over. Hardy is in preparation for UFC Fight Night Seattle on March 26, and picked holes in the armoury of his opponent Anthony ‘Rumble’ Johnson.

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Justin Smith site profile image  

3/12/11 8:06 PM by Justin Smith

read a couple posts that said put ex fighters in as judges, I don't know if that would be such a good idea...you might run into problems with biased judging

BJJkilla site profile image  

3/12/11 2:40 AM by BJJkilla

100 cecil peoples would solve the judging problem. if they all agree on a winner, it can't be a robbery.

Marzz site profile image  

3/12/11 2:37 AM by Marzz

Hardy is a very intelligent guy. He wrote very well when he had a back and forth with an editorial writer who trashed mma.

BrockCrushesFedor site profile image  

3/12/11 1:12 AM by BrockCrushesFedor

Chuck Liddell, Eddie Bravo and Royce Gracie should be the judges for awhile... run this shit more like American Idol, imo.

Arecsa site profile image  

3/11/11 11:34 PM by Arecsa

And a camera on that judge's head, Pride ref style. With another judge sitting backstage using that footage. Along with the 8 judges sitting around the octagon, 1 in a birds eye position and 2 watching the broadcast footage, one with sound on and one with sound off. 13 judge system, perfect.

Gingerman site profile image  

3/11/11 10:43 PM by Gingerman

This has to be the most entertaining thread i have ready all day, thank you UG

TagaCameron site profile image  

3/11/11 10:30 PM by TagaCameron

It's not fascinating. It's incredibly depressing. It suggests that when a fight goes the distance it's basically a coin toss.Also, finding three judges with sufficient pro MMA experience to participate in all themajor cards is hard enough as is. It's why some judges with very questionable skills keep getting hired and if it was spread out over more judges we might end up gettingworse people than we have now presiding over these contests.

Ansari site profile image  

3/11/11 7:20 PM by Ansari

Put a judge on Herb Dean's shoulders too.

Brian Rule site profile image  

3/11/11 6:27 PM by Brian Rule

actually the best system would be 17 judges, two for each side of the octagon, one looking only through his left eye and the other looking through his right. then each pair can argue about who won the round and one each pair determines the winner they turn in their answer to one of the five alternate judges, who then give it to a ring girl who eventually walks it over to dana who makes sure he agrees and then it goes to bruce for the announcement. only way to fix mma judging imo

Hocky Balboa site profile image  

3/11/11 6:09 PM by Hocky Balboa

Poor Buffer, having to read the Judge's decisions out loud.