Seagal: No one ever got up from my front kick


Riding the wake of the front kick of the year, Playboy magazine in Brazil drummed up the article “Who can beat Anderson Silva,” and interviewed actor doubling as MMA coach Steven Seagal.

“There’s no one better than Anderson Silva in the UFC,” said the actor. “He can beat anyone in his division. But of course, no one is unbeatable.”

The kick the Spider used against Vitor Belfort in his last fight was the talking point of the interview, and according to Seagal he’s used it in fights on numerous occasions: “My opponents never got up.”

Now Vitor Belfort, who discovered the power of Silva’s kick in the worst way possible, told the magazine he still harbors hopes of being champion again. “I want to fight once or twice and then go for the belt,” said Belfort, in the magazine featuring Michelly from the Big Brother Brazil 11 reality show on the cover.

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sakbjj site profile image  

3/19/11 2:26 AM by sakbjj

 haters still hating i see ignorants gonna ignorant

FingerorMoon site profile image  

3/16/11 1:05 AM by FingerorMoon

He married into an Aikido family and helped to run their dojo. He was not the first western black belt, nor did he run his own dojo.The third point about Anderson Silva's kick doesn't need to be answered since Silva and Soares have clarified.Your second point is correct....he has starred in many martial arts movies...

stlnl2 site profile image  

3/13/11 1:06 AM by stlnl2

I think the average physical laborer/stevedore/roughneck would kick the shit out of 95% of the UG, so I dont know how much of a complement for SS that really is.

MRG1 site profile image  

3/13/11 1:02 AM by MRG1

 neither does yours, dipshit. having an opinion, and talking mindless bullshit are two completely different things. im sure he was talking about the faggots with their ridiculing and ignorant comments. not the ones having an opinionated conversation.

ToneB site profile image  

3/12/11 7:20 AM by ToneB

i like on his show when he is talking to someone then mid sentence breaks into a thick louisiana accentnot hated for his skills or accomplishmentsremember he used to practice his aikido for real on kelly lebrockmaybe shes the one who never used to get up after his kicks


3/12/11 4:55 AM by K-Dub-"T"

Vitor has always lived in his own little world. Remember... the kick heard 'round the world was a "fluke". And Sakuraba poisoned his water....  

kuruptz site profile image  

3/12/11 4:44 AM by kuruptz

how about some sfw pics of that brazilian hottie instead of arguing about seagal's prowess?

The Sultan site profile image  

3/12/11 3:42 AM by The Sultan

 I was just thinking the same thing.....How the hell does he figure he should get 1 or 2 more fights and then another title shot?

TheTFC site profile image  

3/12/11 2:23 AM by TheTFC

You understand it's a TV show where he has no control over the editing, correct?

KrzyBnzJnz site profile image  

3/12/11 1:50 AM by KrzyBnzJnz

I dont like Seagal because of his TV show Lawman. Whenever they are patrolling he will see black people and go into Seagal Spidey-Sense Vision while immediately deciding they are up to no good. As for his perceived skills as a martial artist people need to realize he is an older guy now and most of what he has done in Hollywood came after he had lost a little physically. He had to have been like 40 when he did Under Siege.