Royce Gracie manager: No problems to UFC return

by Steven Marrocco | source:

Royce Gracie is in continuing negotiations with the promotion to appear in a retirement fight at the Brazilian event, which is expected to take place Aug. 27 at HSBC Arena in Rio de Janeiro.

Mike Kogan, Royce's longtime manager, said he and Gracie are talking directly with UFC president Dana White and UFC executive Lorenzo Fertitta about the prospect of bringing the 44-year-old MMA legend back into the octagon one last time against a specific – but undisclosed – opponent.

"I think we're going to make a deal," Kogan said. "We have plenty of time, so there's really no problems. It's just a matter of getting it nailed down."

"As of right now, we don't have a deal in place," he said. "The UFC might yank this fight altogether and be like, 'On second thought, we don't want to do it.' This is not a done deal. We're interested in fighting; we have talked about it a lot. Most of the basic terms are agreed upon. But we haven't signed."

Kogan said the potential fight could take place at welterweight, middleweight, or a catchweight between the two divisions.

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dcvillain site profile image  

3/15/11 1:57 PM by dcvillain

he should fight ken shamrock, it would only be fitting at this point.

RefriedJinx site profile image  

3/15/11 1:28 PM by RefriedJinx

 I don't understand why he wants to remove his Gracie Aura even more? Makes no sense. It's like he was already a legend and he had to go fuck it up. Who wants to see Michael Jordan return to basketball only to get schooled like a chump? I fucking don't. God I wish he would wake up and just retire already. And trust me, I am the world's biggest Gracie fan, I just hate seeing him go down in flames. It's like watching an old lion get his ass beat by the young lion. Not fun to watch at all.    

crazydave site profile image  

3/14/11 3:44 AM by crazydave

 The only fight that matters ...

HardyJenns site profile image  

3/14/11 3:42 AM by HardyJenns

Sak or nothing IMO

JJRednose site profile image  

3/14/11 3:33 AM by JJRednose

Royce vs Wallid Ismail

Chimono site profile image  

3/14/11 3:16 AM by Chimono

Royce's management needs to get on the Fred Ettish bandwagon, scores of hardcore fans are demanding to see this old-school grudge match!

vengence site profile image  

3/14/11 1:08 AM by vengence

royce vs serra for my vote

TheGee site profile image  

3/13/11 11:41 PM by TheGee

 Royce enacts revenge like the godfather. Ask Sak and Yoshida. I want to see him submit that arrogant jackass Matt Hughes.

NutterButter site profile image  

3/13/11 11:03 PM by NutterButter

It is Matt Hughes who Royce wants to fight to end career. This is fight that they trying for and now it up to Hughes. Likely retirement fight for both. This directly from Royce himself.

Gr8_Odins_Beard site profile image  

3/13/11 10:50 PM by Gr8_Odins_Beard

That would be awesome IMO. And is this seriously your first post since 06'?