Morecraft predicts 1st round KO over 'Big Sexy'

by Ed Kapp | source:

What is your mindset going to be going into the Octagon on March 26th?

Seek and destroy.

Do you have a prediction for how it's going to end?

Yeah, I'm going to win in the first-round. I'm going to knock him out.

Do you have anything that you'd like to say to McCorkle while you have this opportunity?

Be prepared for battle on March 26th.

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jjj2121 site profile image  

3/16/11 2:20 PM by jjj2121

 Where are people getting the idea that McCorkle is some sort of Jits wizard? He's really strong and facking huge...and it seems he's adept at grabbing onto a kimura grip.  That's about all the grappling skill I've seen from him.

Macsmma site profile image  

3/16/11 2:17 PM by Macsmma

 If interested in picking up one of Morecrafts "Designer" shirts from the video ("Animal Status"), they are available at or at Ultimate Athletics gym in Ithaca, NY. 

Jen The OCaholic Jameson site profile image  

3/16/11 4:16 AM by Jen The OCaholic Jameson

I want to also, I just have that feeling.

TRO11er site profile image  

3/16/11 2:58 AM by TRO11er

I am putting money on Moarshaft

AceAtGSU site profile image  

3/16/11 2:49 AM by AceAtGSU

Definitely agree.

The Last Emperor site profile image  

3/16/11 1:49 AM by The Last Emperor

If McCorkle can't keep this fight on the ground, then I agree with his prediction.Oh and I think McCorkle is also fighting for his job in this fight.

Wade Hampel site profile image  

3/15/11 11:49 PM by Wade Hampel

I cant see this happening.... looks like a long fight that will end in a decision

decasere site profile image  

3/15/11 11:00 PM by decasere

Morecraft is 10x stronger than McDorkle, but McD has some slick sub skills, should be interesting

The Dean of Bean site profile image  

3/15/11 10:58 PM by The Dean of Bean

Go watch the first round of morecraft vs struve, then watch round 1 of mccorkle vs struve.Morecraft is stronger and has 10x better gas tank to boot, deal with it.

Prender site profile image  

3/15/11 10:56 PM by Prender

He probably will win pretty comfortably