Marquardt wants to punch that 'total punk' Bisping in the mouth

by Mike Chiappetta | source:

Nate Marquardt has never been one to trash-talk his opponent, and admits that about "90, 95 percent of the time I like my opponents. That includes Dan Miller, who he faces Saturday night at UFC 128. Michael Bisping is another matter.

"I've always thought he was kind of an ass. He says disrespectful stuff, but the spitting is just a step farther, or two steps too far. It was horrible.... I would love to fight that guy just to punch him in his mouth and shut him up," Marquardt said when he was asked if he was one of the many middleweights who hoped to get a crack at Bisping. "That'd be nice. He's an ass, he's a total punk, just no respect. I don't like Bisping."

"The crap talking and whatever, that's one thing," he said of the pre-fight hype in Bisping's last fight vs. Jorge Rivera. "Guys hype up fights. And even guys that are just like that naturally, I don't hold that against them. But the fact that he goes and spits in his opponent's corner? That's so disrespectful. That's not what a martial artist does and it's not what a sportsman does."

Of course, to have a chance at Bisping, Marquardt will have to get past the durable Miller.

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